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  1. Well... I´ve somehow experienced that bad latency with iPad. Recently tried my Helix LT with iPad mini 2 as an audio interface, just for connecting the guitar and using the Mooer Ge Labs app for iOS. Well, I got surprised to see that the latency was worse than using my Zoom U-44 interface. The Zoom is able to run the app at minimum latency settings, while Helix needs to raise the buffer samples (from 32 to 64) to avoid crackling noises, thus increasing latency. So yeah... it seems that Line6 has not the best audio interface implementation in the world.
  2. Yes, forgot to say that level control was at 0db too. The block shouldn't have any effect with my settings. BUT, I think the only thing going on is a level loss of about 4 db. If I add those 4db to the level parameter, thinks seem to be right. Maybe the level is mostly remarking that mid frequencies. So the question should've been: did anyone noticed that 4db loss in level through the multicomp?
  3. Hello all. I've noticed a weird thing about the multi band compressor. While playing a few chords with my acoustic guitar (through a looper block), and having the multiband comp with all three bands at 0db threshold and gain (supposedly no compression at all), the sound clearly differs when comp is on or off. When on, the midrange honkiness goes away. However, the meters show no compression (as it's supposed to be). If I do the same with other blocks, there is no change in the sound... But the multi band comp makes that colouration. Is this normal?
  4. Well.. held my breath and stopped the process. Fortunately, it seems it just didn´t started to do anything, so the unit worked. Restarted my PC and tried again from the updateer, instead of HX Edit, and in offline mode, from the flash memory file I´ve downloaded previously. It worked... phew!!!
  5. Hi all. I´m in trouble... Trying to update my LT from 2.91, but HX Edit is on "initializing firmware instalation" and Helix screen says "update message server started" without any prgress line, just black. That´s all. It´s been in that state for 15 minutes now... so I assume that it´s got stuck. Never had any updating issues in the past. I don´t know if I should turn of the unit, or whatever... Some help from Line6 crew, please?
  6. I think you need to wait about 15 seconds after booting the unit. Then you can launch the tuner and it works. It seems like they only have to me make the boot a little is longer... Hehehe
  7. Same here. Tuner doesn't work in my helix LT unless you wait more than 15 seconds after booting the unit. If you don't wait that time and try to turn the tuner on, sometimes the unit gets stuck, sometimes there's no sound, and tuner doesn't work anyway.
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