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  1. I think I know what you're experiencing. I had a similar problem playing into Logic Pro X on my 2015 MBP when I first got my HX Stomp back in November. I was playing right along in perfect sync, then all of the sudden the audio is delayed about 500 ms. It's like you're using a delay effect with the source audio turned off. I didn't do enough testing to specifically trace the problem to the root cause; but here are the things I did to stop the problem: 1) Plug the unit into its own USB port on the Mac. Don't plug it into a shared USB hub. The manual actually states this, but I tried to use a hub anyway, 'cause... you can't stop me, I'm controversial. ;-) 2) Install Line 6's driver for MacOS. I didn't want to do this either since it should be able to just use the core audio driver; but audio frequency is not selectable on the core driver. 3) As others have said, make sure the audio frequency on the device and the app are set the same. Which of these actions fixed my issues? Don't know, but it's been rock solid ever since. I hope this helps.
  2. This YouTube video walks you through programming pretty much everything on the FCB1010 from the foot switch unit itself. There is a editor app available for it too now. I was looking into using the FCB1010 for controlling a midi-enabled DMX lighting controller, as well some functions on my QSC digital mixer. i haven't bought it, but from my research, it could do pretty much every function I needed.
  3. Per the NAMM press release from Line 6 regarding firmware 2.80: Improvements/Changes Impulse Response blocks now display as many IR file name characters as will fit in the inspector header. In addition, the last several characters will be visible regardless of name length (as they're often the most important ones!)
  4. My brother used to have problems with using various USB cables for his Fender Mustang amplifier. We figured out that the cable had to be designed for charging devices, as well as sending data. I don't think there's a wiring difference. I think it's the signal amplitude capacity that makes the difference.
  5. I am a bass player. We're probably in the minority here. I think Line 6 should proactively promote the Stomp as the perfect Helix for bassists. I am really loving mine, and hope that Line 6 understands this marketing demo and continues to grow its capabilities for us. We don't generally run as many effects as a guitarist, nor are we necessarily concerned about changing preset mid song and issues with trails or spillover. So, the 6 block limit isn't too restrictive, other than running separate paths/outputs to FOH and stage amp.
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