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  1. Eureka...! Your recommendation did the trick..! That has saved me more headaches. Thanks again rd2rk.... I can get back to playing guitar now. Keep well
  2. Again - Many thanks for your time and effort on this one. I will carry out this reset a little later today and keep everything crossed!! Keep well...!
  3. Thanks again... So it looks like there might be an issue with my firmware, because that preset is clearly working as it should on your device - I have attached another one as requested. I really do appreciate the time you are putting into this. Many thanks TALK TO YA.hlx
  4. Thanks rd2rk - Really appreciate your efforts..! GD-S-GARDEN.hlx
  5. Thanks for your response rd2rk Yes... I accept this. The difficulty I have is that the snapshots are not functioning correctly e.g. Let's say I have a preset with three snapshots: Snapshot (1) just an amp and cab activated. Snapshot (2) amp and cab plus distortion block activated. Snapshot (3) adds a reverb block. Now... let's say I begin with snapshot (1) - all is fine, then I hit snapshot (3) - all is fine (I accept the 'E' is now visible). Then, let's say I go back to snapshot (1) - At this point, all three blocks i.e. amp and cab, distortion, and reverb are still active whereas only the amp and cab block should be active. Yet any parameters, e.g. amp volume, do actually change. It's driving me crazy - I have about 30 presets which are behaving this way. I would appreciate any further thoughts - And thanks again
  6. Hi guys... Firstly, the problem I am having has only happened since I updated to Helix 3.0. So - when I load a new preset and go to snapshot mode, as soon as I press a footswitch for an alternative snapshot, I get the small 'E' icon which suggests I have edited something. any further switching of snapshots doesn't help and the snapshots do not default back to the original settings. Yet, when I go out of the preset and come back into it and go back into snapshot mode again, the 'E' has gone but returns as soon as I hit a footswitch. I have seen other users are experiencing the same issue. Please help with this problem - Thanks
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