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  1. Munty

    USB Noise?

    Hi folks. Firstly the setup... Roli Keyboard, usb to mac for control. And Stereo out to Helix Return 3 and 4. HX USB to Mac. (Although at the moment I'm listening directly to the HX on the Headphone socket) Patch set to input from Return 3 and 4, sending to USB. (And have tried Multi) All nice and quiet, I can play and record, all good. However, my wireless keyboard ran out of power earlier so I plugged it into another usb port on the mac and started getting loads of digital sounding crackly noise. Just testing I plugged in the track pad and got more noise. How and why the hell is the HX or the Keyboard picking up digital noise from my keyboard and track pad? It's like the bad old days when on board pc sound picked up noise from your graphics card! I have not had this problem at all before putting the HX in the loop, so is the noise coming from the very good quality balanced cables from the keyboard to the HX? It really is most bizarre, I wouldn't have expected any noise at all with this setup. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Munty

    HX Rack and looping?

    Thanks folks, all good advice. Changing snapshots without a foot controller is also a complete arse, why it's hidden away where it is I have no idea. But anyway, that's another story!
  3. Hi folks. I'm trying to get a kind of reverse pong working, but no matter what I do the reverse delay is always centralized. Yes I can add chorus or trem (I think) but it's not splitting the reverse left/right/left/right. I was hoping the reverse would take the left and right channels and repeat each, but it inputs L and R then combines them. I've tried all sorts of splits and orders but can't get what I'm after. I guess I'm looking for a reverse option within the pong, that would be exceptionally handy, but there isn't one. Any advice out there? Thanks.
  4. Munty

    HX Rack and looping?

    Hi there. Just to clarify, I'm paraplegic and can't use my feet at all. I guess at a push I could use my elbows or nose for pedals! What do I need to control the Looper block, either 6 or 1 switch varieties? I don't really want to spend loads of money on a floor box that's going end up sitting on my desk and taking up huge amounts of space. I had envisaged the lovely Line 6 people would have put the controls on the buttons of the rack unit, but it appears not. Or am I missing something? I've YouTube the hell out of myself and can't find anything for this. Any ideas? :o)
  5. Hi there. Has anyone managed to reproduce the delay/reverb effects for Satch's Baroque (Time Machine) and or Tears in the Rain (The Extremist) ? They're very similar, if not the same. A mixture of ping pong, stereo delays, reverse with some octo kind of effect thrown in. I have managed something approximating it, but the Helix is pretty new to me and I haven't mastered all the little tricks yet. It should be possible to nail it with the Helix, although I'm sure the original post processing must have been several runs. I may be wrong. If you have anything close please let me know. Many, many thanks. :o)
  6. I'm having the same problem, the supplied cable does't work, my gold plated cables don't work, the updater doesn't see it, neither does HX Edit. I notice on the HX on boot it says 1.06.5, should it be 2.7? Do I need to download an ancient version of edit to send the file? Thanks.
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