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  1. Has anyone been able to reproduce the preset corruption bug with the new firmware (2.90)?
  2. Just in the case that it does matter: I also have the configuration of displaying names from 000 to 127.
  3. Lorenzo, thank you for the time you took to investigate this issue and report the problem. As a software developer, I can tell that the problem has to do with some type of memory corruption bug. There is some type of buffer overflow or similar that is simply writing data in places that should not be written. Anyhow, let's hope this issue gets fixed soon.
  4. There is a memory corruption bug that has to do with changing preset configurations (including loading a preset). I have seen the same problem of presets having corrupted names after just editing the colors of the Snapshot footswitches of a preset.
  5. What exactly did you do to get everything working as expected? Did you do a global reset followed by a restore from a backup?
  6. Wanted to contribute to the conversation and share that I'm experiencing a similar problem where some of my patches are corrupted. In one of my playlists, for example, the names of the patches are empty or show the name as "reset", "Preset" or "´┐ŻNew Preset" (with the question mark symbol). This looks to me as a memory corruption bug out there. I started to have this issue after I edited a patch (copying a block from path A to path B). After saving the patch, I went to use another patch and, upon returning to the patch in question, it was blank. I'll see if I can open a support ticket as well.
  7. It's about two days old :D The issue is that I would have to send it by mail and wait two or three weeks to get it fixed...
  8. Have you experienced a problem with the knob that turns the modeling on and off? Whenever I press this knob, it stays down and won't go up on its own. I have to manually pull it up (with a moderate to low amount of force). Is there a way to remove the knob and see what the problem could be? My Shuriken is new, should I then consider sending it for repairs (using the warranty)?
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