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  1. Hi all! Hopefully this is an easy question to answer - I searched existing topics but couldn't find it anywhere. The question is - If you use snapshots as the controller to turn blocks on and off, can you also use a midi controller to switch them on and off? Background: I have a HX Stomp and am thinking about getting an MC6 to expand the capabilities. I'd like the three footswitches on the stomp to be snapshot select, with the mc6 doing both preset switching and individual stomps on/off. But I am concerned that if I have a snapshot switch a stomp on or off, I can't then set the controller to midi without removing the snapshot control. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!
  2. Firmware: 2.82 (HX Stomp) Global Settings: Everything as per default, except individual patch settings Bug: Occasionally when playing (either through headphones or line out into the FX return of my amp), the signal from the Stomp will develop a 'crackle', and a small time later, the overall volume level will drop. Sometimes this comes back up again, and sometimes not. Changing through a few presets will sometimes fix it, although sometimes it needs to be changed multiple times to clear it. I've noticed the issue with multiple amp models, and I believe it happened once on the previous firmware (2.6 something) but I only played one extended session with this when I bought the unit and then upgraded to 2.82. I hadn't noticed the issue with 2.82 and so thought it was fixed, but it recurred a few times in the last week or two. I have tried to record dry in and wet out with the Stomp to capture the issue, but it always seems to fix itself by the time I get the USB in (or it could be that the USB fixes the issue somehow!).
  3. Thanks for the replies. Kilrahi - yes exactly, I run external pedals in the effects loop in all of those scenarios. I *guess* that the best way to mimic it would be to use a separate amp and cab model in the hx, and put the send/return loop in between them? I don't know how that would sound - not sure if it would matter that all the power amp modelling would be after my delay, reverb etc. Or maybe I should just ditch the loop and have all my physical pedals up front...
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been using a Mooer Preamp Live for a while and was very happy with it until it developed a fault, and once my refund gets back to me I'm considering getting a HX stomp as it's replacement. I've looked at lots of videos and skimmed a lot of the manual, but haven't been able to understand whether I can set the HX up like I did with my PAL - and was hoping someone could maybe help me out before I pull the trigger. Before the fault, I had 3 use cases for my board with the PreAmp Live. One was playing using headphones, one was direct into an interface for recording, and one was into the return of my amps effects loop for playing live. For all of these cases I run an effects loop between the Preamp and output of the PreAmp Live. When playing through headphones or direct in, I had poweramp modelling and cab sim on, and for playing into my amps effects loop and using it's power amp and cab, I had these switched off. My question is, how best would I emulate this with a HX Stomp? The ideal signal chains would be something like below. I think I understand how to do the third version (seems straightforward), but the first two I am unclear about. It seems that the amp & cab blocks can be separated into Amp&Cab, Amp, Cab, Preamp - but there isn't a power amp block, so I don't understand how people use the stomp with amp models and a 'traditional' effects loop? Headphone playing: Guitar -> [Drive pedals] -> [HX Stomp - Preamp] -> effects loop -> [HX Stomp - Poweramp Model -> HX Stomp Cab Sim] Recording: Guitar -> [Drive pedals] -> [HX Stomp - Preamp] -> effects loop -> [HX Stomp - Poweramp Model -> HX Stomp Cab Sim] Using Amp Power amp: Guitar -> [Drive pedals] -> [HX Stomp - Preamp] -> effects loop -> [Physical Amp] I'm assuming it's much more straightforward than I think. Any input would be appreciated.
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