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  1. Think when waymda said 'PC' he was referring to Powercab, not Personal Computer
  2. I have an Engl ironball which uses a TRS jack connected to a twin footswitch. Tip to ground selects the lead channel, ring to ground selects the gain boost, both does both, and neither does neither. The Helix which appears to give me the option of tip-ground, ring-ground or both states but not both states off, so I can select any of the functions, but I cant set a command to set tip or ring to off to revert to just the clean channel without the gain boost, any ideas?
  3. My bet is you have 2 parallel paths set up, both with input set to guitar. Set the output of path A to the Input of path B
  4. It's not shielding, or an issue with the 1/4" outs on the Helix, it's an issue with the jack inputs on the DXR, if you run a 1/4" to XLR unmalanced mic lead from the Helix it's just as quiet as using the XLR outs
  5. I've used a RCF710 which sounds great with the Helix, a Yamaha DXR10 is also an excellent choice
  6. I play Mr Brightside in our set and just use my standard cleanish patch which is the engl model with gain on zero into a 4 x12 with v30s it sounds good to me
  7. jc_anderton

    Future of Helix

    Just finding time to go through all the amps in the Helix will take ages, I've had mine 6 months, and still haven't really deeply explored more than a few. My live sound for a very varied covers band is mouthy the engl model and the twin for super cleans. I've never sounded better!
  8. Yes, I want delay and Wah, but only about 20% mix and I have a max mix of 35% assigned to the controller, I think another delay block is the only way to do it.
  9. A bit of Helix advice please i have my expression pedal EX 1 controlling my delay mix level, and on one of my snapshots I want to use a Wah on EX2. My issue is that when I'm engaging the Wah by pushing down on the expression pedal my delay mix goes to max. Is there any way to just use the EX1 on 3 snapshots and have my delay level preset on snapshot 4 without using another delay block?
  10. I like the footswitch idea, I normally use 3 snapshots and the rest effects so it would be good for me
  11. It's all in the fingers. Went to see a G&R tribute act the other week and the guitarist totally nailed Slashes tones with a Les Paul and a DSL
  12. Doesn't it make it difficult to reach with your feet ;) Why not just use a PC editor and leave it on the floor?
  13. Tried it with the guitar volume off and it pops 'sometimes'. When playing and activating it sounds as though it's loading with the sensitivity right up and then adjusting itself to the programmed settings I really not use a compressor to squish country or funk type sounds
  14. Hard to reproduce but sometimes when I engage the Red Comp I hear a pop, sometimes I don't. Also I have a few presets with just Red Comp-Amp-Cab and with the same settings on the Red Comp it sounds very different on different presets. Sure this is user error, but can't figure it out
  15. After 3 hours with the Helix I was a bit underwhelmed too, a week in and I'm blown away by it. As a regular gigging guitarist I can see this replacing everything I've got and pretty much stop me from buying anthing ever again (OK maybe not;))
  16. Thanks for the response - I've tried the full amp models, but they don't sound anywhere near as good as the pre-amp only models into my Jet City, or my EHX Magnum 44, the pre-amps sound great! The manual also recommends just using preamps if you are running in to an external power amp I think the best solution for me is to run 2 separate path's for now, but a pre-amp out from the full amp model would be a fantastic addition so you could run to the PA with the full amp and cabs and to a power amp and real guitar cab from the pre-amp out, that would save a lot of DSP, and a lot of tweaking. Alternatively if they provided a power amp section only you could do it that way, currently there are pre-amps, full amps, amps and cabs, and cabs available as separate blocks, but no poweramp only block. I'd post a request on the Ideascale but can't figure out how to register :)
  17. The one thing I'm struggling with is getting a preset to sound great going to my stage (pub floor) rig, which is currently the FX return of a JCA 22H in to a 2x12 cab. I have amp->cab going to the XLR outputs direct to the PA which sounds great. I'm routing the output of the amp pre-cab block to the 1/4 Jack output which sounds awful, tried an EQ block after the amp to tame it a bit and it sounds better but not great. The best solution I've found is to use 2 discrete paths, one using just a preamp block for the amp output, but this means duplicating all my effects and a lot of tweaking to get the sounds between the 2 paths balanced. What would be great is if you could take a preamp out (FX send) from the amp block and route that to a second path. Anyone got any better ideas?
  18. Tried 2 cables but both were 4 wire. Just tried an 8 wire one and it all works. What a dummy:-)
  19. Does the line 6 rj45 cable use all 8 pins or only 4? My cable only has 4 wires, could this be the issue?
  20. Checked the pins on the fbv and the amp and they both look fine
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