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  1. Would you consider the MOD Duo (or newer MOD Duo X) a computer in this context? It's talked about as a host for the FTP here. A Variax, FTP, MOD Duo & maybe a Helix in there too for a direct Variax signal would offer a stunning variety of possibilities!
  2. The best time to buy the best technology always seems to be tomorrow, but if you wait till tomorrow you'll never have an instrument to play. :( Even if a new model was announced today, how long would it be till you could have one in your hands? Months at least? Maybe longer? If it used the existing technology, would it be any better? If it used new technology, do you really want to be among the first users? I'm happy with my choice to get a Variax standard. It's sat here on it its rack & I can pick it up & play it any time. :) YMMV as they say...
  3. Eventually a suitable Variax at a reasonable price appeared on UK eBay, & it's now plugged into my Helix. Not the JTV-59 I'd originally intended, but having had a quick tour I'm very happy with my Variax Standard & look forward to further explorations. :) As for new ones, still no sign of them so far as I can see, but that has become irrelevant...
  4. Hi, I'm very late to the party, but maybe someone can educate me here? I wish to do a similar thing, but with the simpler Boss RC-3 looper. I understand the routing above, but I'm not clear why "changed for Send 1, 2 and Return 1, 2 to be line level" given that "Send 1+2 Helix go to Instrument In 1+2 on the RC-300" Why not instrument level to (& from) the looper? Is it something to do with the position of the Send 1+2 & Return 1+2 within the Helix path, i.e. just before output?
  5. Obviously I'm not an official source, but my source (who isn't official either) tells me that this is "the official line we've had from Line 6 and Yamaha" I look forward to that resumption.
  6. I've not heard any more. I've now cancelled the Variax order. The Silent Guitar has arrived, but is not unpacked yet as nowadays we 'quarantine' packages for a day or two, in case they picked up anything in transit - rather frustrating, but better safe than sorry! On the non-acoustic side I was seriously considering an Epiphone Les Paul Classic. That has two humbuckers with coil splitting and a phase switch, so lots of flexibility, & being in 'Heritage Cherry Burst' just happened to look almost identical to the JTV-59 I'd had on order! However, while still pondering I decided to take a glance at hollow bodied guitars, not expecting to find anything that was both desirable and in budget, and the same store where I found the 'Classic' (not Andertons) also had an Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 & I fell for that. 3 single coil pickups each with independent volume controls. 3 way switch for Neck, Bridge, or Both. The 'always on' (but can be silenced) middle pickup is wired to give a humbucker effect on noise. It's beautiful... If new Variax guitars ever appear in the UK I'll take a look (both at them & the bank balance!), but they'll now have a much tougher job attracting my attention as I have two very flexible guitars and the unsatisfactory experience of the last six months...
  7. Sadly, that's the main issue with those sources for several of the people in this topic, i.e. we are in Europe & those sources are primarily US. Some might ship to Europe, but the shipping costs are enormous, and then there is tax, etc... :(
  8. I'm almost at that stage. I haven't actually cancelled the order yet (I'm giving then a few more days to see if they can find out a bit more), however in the meantime I've ordered a Yamaha SLG200S 'Silent Guitar'. That covers the acoustic side of my requirement & quite possibly better than the Variax (albeit it's 'only' one 6 string guitar) as it has the normal acoustic neck width, and can be used with no more than just a pair of headphone plugged in. If I give up on the Variax order, I'll be looking for a 'flexible' electric, probably either something that has two humbuckers with coil splitting and a phase switch, or maybe the Brian May 'BMG Special' which has 3 single coils, each of which can be turned on or off and each of which can have its phase switched. The JTV-59 iswould have been such a nice guitar... :(
  9. In the UK there are currently just over half a dozen Variax 300 & 500 models (i.e. without magnetic pickups) on offer, and two JTVs. One says it's a JTV-59, but doesn't look at all like a 59 (Strat like body, unusual controls, Variax headstock - maybe a transplant?). The other JTV is described as a 'mint' 89F at 1000 UKP, but if it's 'mint' then the pictures really don't do it justice[1]! I'll not be considering any of those. [1] To my eye the pictures show what looks like a scuffed & scratched well used guitar. Maybe there was a problem with the camera.....
  10. One thing that puzzles me is, if the Variax guitars are still in production, what's happening to them? Is there a slowly growing 'Variax Mountain' somewhere? How are these things shipped around the world? I'm assuming surface rather than air freight? On 9th April my supplier wrote to me (I hadn't chased them, they were just updating me with the latest info they had received) to say they'd been advised to expect a shipment on 30th April. On the assumption of surface shipping I'd assumed that meant the consignment was probably in transit. Given the general COVID-19 slow down in shipping I wasn't too surprised they didn't actually arrive on 30th April, but to then be told that the new latest news (just a couple of days before) was indefinite delay was an even bigger surprise than it might have been. Slowed down is one thing. Halted indefinitely sounds more fundamental than shippers short of staff due to COVID-19? Like others here I've laid down money in good faith, for a good product. What's really happening? Sadly, I realise no one here can really say.... :( What a pity (& a shambles). I do so dislike having to assume. :(
  11. As it's now May 1st, I checked on the situation and have just been told "I'm afraid our suppliers have pushed this back indefinitely, we checked this Wednesday and that's the latest information from them.". :(
  12. That has now become 'around the end of April'. So still essentially a case of "It'll be here when it's here".
  13. I'm in the UK & I ordered a JTV-59 back in November 2019 . I gave the supplier a call earlier this week and was told they'd been advised of a probable delivery date and that I might receive my order around the end of March. :)
  14. Ooo. Exciting. I ordered a JTV59 on 12th November from a UK supplier. I was also given the "It was because of a recall" reason. Still waiting, but good to hear that things are starting to appear. PS. Best advice I ever had from a salesman (over a relaxed lunch) was "If I'm selling something, never trust anything I say". ;) psarkissian is 'Service Engineer'. That's a different breed to sales. :)
  15. Okay, I've laid my card down and ordered a JTV-59. However it's not clear if I'll actually get one. It turns out they are out of stock at my (UK) supplier . They have an order in with their supplier, but don't have any delivery schedule. I get the impression generally that the JTV models are heading for the end of the line? If push comes to shove, I'd settle for a Standard, but I already have a Yamaha Pacifica 112VM which is (so far as I can tell) the basis for the Standard, so I was hoping for a guitar with a different body (as well as the JTV-59 being a generally better spec'd guitar).
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