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  1. It's also nice to have capo assigned to pushbuttons for songs that modulate key like "Spooky" by ARS. Can't do that with a real capo.
  2. I have "Custom 1" on the Variax set to the first five capo positions. I prefer to have the stomp buttons so I can have other stomp-boxes assigned as well as the capo push-buttons. So right now I can have two presets; one using the "Custom 1" and one using the custom tunings.
  3. I think this is a real shortcoming for an otherwise universal tool. I can assign an expression pedal to cycle through my "custom 1" Capo positions, but there is no visual feedback indicating which model is selected. That would be another nice feature.
  4. Thanks. I already have Variax Custom-1-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 assigned to Capo 1, Capo 2, etc on the 5-way switch. I'd rather have 5 push buttons on the HELIX Preset.
  5. I have a JTV-69 and a HELIX. I have created a Variax Acoustic Preset. I want to assign a number of pushbuttons to Capo positions 2 through 5 without using snapshots. Can this be done? Seems if I try to assign more than one pushbutton to the strings, they overwrite the previous one.
  6. I attempted to send you a zipfile to your e-mail address. Let me know if you successfully received it and were able to install.
  7. I can e-mail you the install file if you like. It's too large to attach here. Ron
  8. I put three black rubber grommets, available for cheap in any hardware store, between each set of two strings to dampen any false vibrations. So one goes between the high-E and B strings, one between the G and D strings and one between the low-E and A strings. These are placed between the nut and the tuners. 1/4" grommets seem to work well. Don't get them too big or they will affect tuning.
  9. The older I get, the better I was!

  10. Triryche, Yes, I meant Line 6 Monkey. Every day is a new day! I started up my system today, plugged in the USB cable to my PodXTL and voila! the new hardware was recognized and all the drivers are now up to date. Everything is working as it should. Wouldn't it be nice if Line 6 would issue an update to the XTL or the Variax 500 just once in a while? I feel abandoned. That hardware still has a lot of usefulness left in it. Thanks to all who posted replies
  11. Running Media Monkey v1.64 on a Win7-32-bit machine. It finds my guitar port no problem everytime, but refuses to recognize or connect to my PodXTLive/Variax 500 setup. I've tried reboots, loading drivers manually, but to no avail. Anyone have any advice?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply Thorneven. I have a Variax 500 so I'm familiar with Variax workbench.
  13. Is the James Tyler JTV-69 compatible with my Pod XT Live hardware and Line 6 Edit software? Will I be able to save variax presets along with my Pod XTL presets? Will I be able to do JTV firmware and patch updates through my XTL hardware and Line 6 edit software?
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