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  1. You got the one thing backwards. The cable from the POD to the HeadRush should be a "balanced" cable instead of a guitar cable. It's the stereo type.
  2. Are you turning up the USB setting in Global settings? You can increase the USB output.
  3. I think what the limit is then is that you have a limited number of computers you can download purchased licensed stuff from the Marketplace. I remember reading a limit on authorized computers for something while installing. I would agree you can run on as many as you want but I believe the licensed stuff is limited to 5 authorized computers. You can just unauthorize one and add another if you need it on a different one I believe as well.
  4. I believe you are allowed to run the software on 5 computers? If you want to check for updates you have to log in to do so. Whatever the number is those computers have to be authorized to run the software. It’s part of the install.
  5. Since it has to be connected to an authorized computer I would think of the Pod Go as a very large dongle.
  6. Wow, that was fast? After I posted it I went ahead and submitted a ticket with the same question to get an "official" answer. Support just replied back that it should be any issue other than an extra exposed jack hanging out on the back of the unit. I tend to slide this forward on the carpet where I play and sometimes the jack starts to come out. That issue just went away. Also zip tied the power wart to the outlet so it won't fall out.
  7. My headphones have a small jack that fits into the 1/4 jack. I'll probably need to ask Line 6 but would it seem like an issue to leave the large jack plugged in all the time? That way I could zip tie the power cord to it so it stays nice and tight? I can just plug the headphones into the 1/4 jack as needed when I'm using them.
  8. I was wondering why the colors differ in each category for pedals? From what I’ve found it means the pedal is either an hx or L-s/L-m type pedal. Not 100% sure what that is telling me? Does that mean the darker pedals are Helix pedals and the others come from different models? Any good insight into this? Do the hx types have a higher quality? Thanks Jef
  9. Yeah, just copied a blank preset and pasted it over the ones I wanted to remove. After that I just dragged them back down out of the way. Works just fine like that. Still learning the interface. New to this modeling stuff.
  10. Was working on a tone this morning just still learning. Had two tape delays in it which pushed it to it's limit a bit. Tried to add an IR but wouldn't take. Wasn't using the EQ so switched it to the tilt which I though would be lighter than the default and was able to add the IR. Tape delays aren't doing much really, more to add dirt in line like old recordings to tape, watching a guy on YouTube doing a Beano sound. Sounds pretty close to what he got working.
  11. This seems like a basic editing function. Wonder why it isn't in there?
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