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    PODxt Upgrade

    I've finally got the cash to upgrade from my PODxt. I use it to record at home; I can't make enough noise here for an amp. I got $200 to spend on something used (I'll throw in a bit more if the price is close enough). I don't wanna bother upgrading unless I'm improving the overall sound quality / realism and getting a better clean tone. Any suggestions? It doesn't matter to me whether it's a physical unit or Amp Sim. Thanks.
  2. Is there a version of Edit past 3.06 with support for Mojave OS X 10.14? The 3.06 download says that it's added support for Yosemite, which isn't surprising since that Edit version was released in November '14. Just based on these facts, it seems like a pretty safe bet that 3.06 was the last update. I figured it that I should ask anyways. I can still run Edit and it works with my POD XT, but it made me install Java 6 Runtime before it would open.. now every time I hit a key on the keyboard Edit spits out a Java error. The key strokes work, like when I'm typing into a field, but I have to click out of the error window after every letter! It's a total pain in the lollipop. Maybe it's time to invest in a more current amp simulator?!!?
  3. I have a Mac, and I'm running all the latest drivers. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make it really annoying.
  4. I'm having connection problems with my POD XT; my computer isn't recognizing that it's plugged in. It doesn't happen 100% of the time (maybe 50/50), but often enough to be a major pain in my lollipop. I've tried multiple different USB cables, all the USB ports on my computer, reboots, etc. The only times I've been able to get it recognized is when I turn off the POD, shutdown the computer, turn on the POD and then turn on the computer. This only works around 60-70% of the time. I attached a screenshot of the error message window that pops up in the Edit Software. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Right on. If you only get 1 more FX than I'll just go with the 500. Thanks again for the info. That was the type of response I've been waiting for. I don't go FX heavy when recording so the X seems like it's unessasary. I was gonna go with that VOX Tone Lab ST I mentioned earlier. That thing also seems rad. Especially how it has a 12ax7 in the power section and an expression pedal. I think that the HD500 might be the better move. I'm gonna check out some YouTube demos when I'm done writing this.
  6. The dual amp thing sounds pretty amazing. What does the 500x have over the 500?
  7. The HD 500's Ive seen are more like 250-300$ Buy it Now. That's double the price of a 300/400. I need something that I can plug directly into my Pro Tools interface, so I can use headphones and make no loud noise...living situation thing. I want an amp because I like playing thru one better than Amp Sims. Once I get to the point where I buy an amp, for band practice and shows, it'll will be months down the road. I'll still want to use the HD so I can write n record in silence. I'm getting the pedal for quality and emulation. What does it matter if I'm using the included effects or not? I'm still getting clean and dirty amp tones, can use my own dirt, wah and other pedals. As well as the included lollipop. I've been looking at other brands and stumbled across the VOX Tone Lab series. It seems pretty cool, and sounds decent enough in the YouTube demos Ive checked out. It also has a 12ax7 in it's power section, and it has a ST and SE model that adds one (ST) or two (SE) expression pedals. As well as some buttons two switch between specific, user chosen presets that can be flipped thru on the fly. Anyone ever try one of these? If so, how does it compare to the HDs?
  8. Hey, I currently have a POD XT on it's death bed and I'm looking to replace it with a used HD model. I've read that the 300 and 400 are pretty much the same. Then the 500/500x take it up a notch. Do the patches sound better or is it more about the additional options like 8 effects at once instead of 4, MIDI out, effects loop and some kinda Variax support? I usually record dry unless I need to play off an effect on the way in. I also don't care about any of those additional features that I just mentioned. It's all about the sound quality of the patches for me. I'll just be using this unit to record with so I can have demos for the band I'm starting. I'll use it when we first start practicing and eventually move on to a real amp. So with all this in mind, I'm trying to figure out if it's really worth double the cash to grab a 500 instead of a 300 or 400. Thanks.
  9. Hey, I have a POD XT and I'm having some issues EQing it in the mixing stage. When doing a frequency sweep, it seems like almost everything from the low mids up has resonant frequencies. I've watched a few subtractive EQ YouTube vids on electric guitar. In these videos there are always two or three easily recognizable resonant freqs present, within a fairly narrow field, that obviously need to be cut. Like I mentioned, my POD XT tracks behave exactly the opposite; there are only a few small parts that aren't resonant. Anyone experience this?
  10. +I read a thread recently that was really high on using a Radial Dragster with the POD XT, or any type of amp sim. Anyone else use the Dragster with their POD? How did it work out for ya? I don't have an amp at the moment, so I'm looking for anything (that's fairly cheap) to improve my guitar tone when recording. Right now I'm just plugging the POD XT's L+R outputs into two of my interface's line inputs.
  11. Ya, I have noticed that the crackle eases off a bit when I drop the volume on my guitar. It actually seems like every preset/patch sounds better when my guitar's volume is dropped down. I also have really hot pups, so maybe that's the reason.
  12. I have a POD XT and find that mostly all the clean presets produce a crackling noise with every note/chord I hit. Some are worse than others, and the best just have minimal crackling. Has anyone else noticed this or could it just be my unit? It's really old and seems to be dying.. first the preset selection knob stopped working and now the display is broken. The only way I can change/edit the tones is via Line 6 Edit. I'm tying to remember if this has always been a problem or something that's started recently. I haven't used this XT for years. I just began playing around with it again when my guitar amp died.
  13. adam79


    Nah, just the POD XT. Where are they located in HD Edit? Maybe I overlooked it in Line 6 Edit. Although I highly doubt it.. I shredded the thing to pieces looking for that setting.
  14. I've been hopping around forums and reading about people's favorite POD XT patches, stock or custom. The one reoccurring (custom) patch is the PEP Crunch. I searched for it on the Custom Tone section of this website, as well as Google it, and have come up with nothing. For some reason the Edit software won't allow me to log into the Custom Library, so I haven't been able to check there. If anyone has a link to the patch file, please tell. Thanks.
  15. adam79


    Is it possible to adjust the BIAS and RES LEVEL via Edit, or other Line 6 software? My POD XT is dying a slow death.. first the 'SELECT' knob that let's you cycle thru the presets broke (I can only switch presets in Edit) and now the screen is busted.
  16. Is it possible to get feedback when using the POD XT, or do you need an actual amp?
  17. Hey, I'm curious how you guys connect the POD XT into your DAW interface. I use balanced cables going from the left and right POD XT outputs into the Interface's line inputs, with the line level set to +4db (on the interface). I forget where, but a few years back I read that you get a better tone when connecting the POD XT into the DAW interface via the headphone output. Does anyone else use this technique? Thanks, -Adam
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