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  1. I would call the customer service rep that I have indicated below. She will give you a realistic update on what is coming into their warehouse. Caitlin Gillon Guitar Center Customer Service 1-866-498-7882 Option 4, Ext. 3013
  2. I had similar issues with Windows 7. Same error messages. I was lucky enough to have an iMac also which had no issues doing the update or connecting to the app. Do you have a friend with a Mac so you can at least update the firmware until the bugs are fixed?
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    I don't think the power outage is much different than the aborted firmware install scenario. You need to rerun the updater - at worst case trying a different computer if the firmware install is not completing. Is the Helix being seen by the updater as a device it can see to attempt to update?
  4. I received my Helix today from GC. Attempted to run the firmware updater from a Windows 7 desktop and it failed during the update. I tried all the usual reboots, power down, reinstalls, etc. No dice. Screen was stuck on the latest firmware number but then indicates boot failure. I was sure it was bricked. Luckily I also have a Mac pre Yosemite. The update did succeed on the Mac first try and Helix app also seems fine. I feel lucky to have had an alternative install method.
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