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  1. I see, but...: So let's hope for a fix.
  2. The answered, that: "...until fixed, you could switch view in global settings instead: Global Settings > Switches > Up/Down Switch". So hopefully it'll be fixed.
  3. The staff confirmed that it is an official bug. Also read here: https://line6.com/support/topic/59286-more-issues-hx-effects/
  4. On my ticket, the staff confirmed it as an official bug.
  5. After some try-outs and a lot of different threads here...: Nektar NX-P working flawlessly on my HX-Effects. Cheap, light and a built-in TRS-cable.
  6. Cheap and light Nektar NX-P works with HX-Effects. It has a built-in TRS-cable.
  7. eswart

    4CM HX Effectd

    If you set up the 4CM correctly referring to the manual, your FX send should go into the input of the amp.
  8. The cheap and light Nektar NX-P works flawlessly with HX Effects.
  9. Hey bgrizzmayne, you can use 6 footswitches as instant access to your blocks in stomp mode. It is also possible to assign multible blocks and actions to one switch and change their state in different snapshots. There is a loit of editing and configuration possibilities in the unit. Check out latest manual-version for a good overview. Also, look there for midi command options. The six switches are also additionally midi-cmd opted in stomp-mode. With the fuctionality of the different modes and programmable commands and switches you should find everything you need.
  10. I tried it with any of the possible settings but it doesn't work. The glitch is still present after holding bank up/down together and landing in "bank"-mode. And it's not only changing the "function of the switches" - whatever this should say: If you set the unit to "preset", "snapshot" or even "bank" in the menu, go back to the interface and then hold up/down-buttons until you land in another mode, you will find exactly that setting (last one used) in your menu. I opened a ticket today. And here's another thread, same problem:
  11. No. Still persisting in 3.02. I opened a ticket today and will keep you updated here.
  12. I am a new HXFX user and found exactly the same weird behaviour on my unit.
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