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  1. I hoped that might be the case, I haven’t ever needed to use a hub before as obviously most computers come with enough ports, but I didn’t know with the advances in technology, especially with how much better USB-C is supposed to be, that connecting via a hub might not be a worry any more. I was nearly ready to buy a Huawei Matebook, they look good and have pretty good specs for their price, but they don’t all come with a wide variety of ports, most only sporting the usb-c but they include a hub with the laptop.
  2. Thanks for your help I appreciate it! I think I’ll look for something with more ports available to be on the safe side Cheers
  3. Thanks Silverhead! That’s good to know, I never even would have thought of that! Do you happen to know whether the hub would work too? It’s just one of the laptops I was looking at only had 2 USB-C ports and I do have a bunch of other gear I use. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, I have had a quick search on the forums but haven’t quite found the answer I was looking for. I am looking to get a new laptop in the near future and the main contender features only USB-C ports. I have seen you can get a USB-C hub that allows you to connect multiple USB 2.0 devices, does anyone have any experience with these and their Line6 devices? I have a HX Stomp, and older HD Bean that I would like to still use for recording and editing patches etc, but always heard that connecting via a USB hub was problematic. Thanks!
  5. So uh, Embarrassing update, always check your leads before you attempt this, because if you have a duff cable, it won't work! Haha! Got it working like a treat yesterday and couldn't be happier! :D
  6. Actually turns out its not working at all for me haha, on the off chance I got hold of a couple extra patch leads on my way home from work today and thought i'd give it a shot. I followed Space's instructions with regards to cabling up and setting up, but so far I am getting absolutely no sound whatsoever now haha, cant quite work out whats going on. As soon as I click input 2 over to mic I lose all the sound If anyone has any suggestions, I would be totally grateful, this is my first ever dealings with using the 4CM so I could be totally fudging this right up!
  7. Hey space I know this is an old thread but I have just got myself a new amp with an FX loop and am keen to try this out with my desktop, I just really wanted to know that with this method can you use the POD's amp sims? It's not that I really need to as I like my amps sound but just for flexibility I guess does it work? Cheers mate
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