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  1. I thought I'd just post a follow up for anyone else that's interested in running a similar set up. Firstly, a massive thanks to you @rd2rkfor taking the time out to make a preset for me to get this up and running. It was because of this, it got the ball rolling for some experimentation and now I have got an even more versatile set up than I had previously imagined. I can use my HX stomp with my Micro Dark, with my existing external pedals, and feed it all through my boss Katana. I had a stereo Y cable laying around and have used it to split the FX loops between the Micro Dark and my pedals The hardware set up is as follows: Guitar > Pure Sky OD > Plumes OD > HXS Input L > HXS FX Send L (Y cable ring) > 3rd Dimension > Canyon > Mooer R7 > Ditto > HX FX Return L > HXS Output L > Katana Power Amp In. Also at the same time I have : HX S FX Send R (Y Cable tip) > Micro Dark Input > Micro Dark FX Send > HXS FX Return R > HX Output R > Katana Amp Input (Optional if I have the HXS & Micro Dark powered off and want to just use the Katana on its own) My signal chain within the stomp is as follows : Spare Block > Spare Block > FX Loop R > Amp Block > Cab Block (Optional if using headphones on stomp) > FX Loop L > Spare Block > Spare Block > I set a footswitch to toggle between FX Loop R and the Amp Block, this switches from say a clean amp to the Micro Dark, and allows me to run both my OD pedals through either a HX stomp amp or my Micro Dark, as well has having my external pedal board behind either the micro dark or software amp, with enough spare blocks either end to use FX inside the stomp too. I am so happy it all works, and it sounds great to my ears and I haven't picked up on any feedback or excessive noise. I do keep the cable from the HXS right output disconnected from the katana, unless both the stomp & Micro Dark are powered off, but its there if I ever want to run the katana on its own! Might not be of any use to anyone, but thought I'd share just in case! Cheers :D
  2. Dude this is amazing thanks, I was expecting just a few pointers here and there not a whole preset! Really grateful for this man! I’m gonna give it a whirl right now!
  3. Yes that’s exactly what I’m hoping to achieve!
  4. Yo appreciate the feedback so far! My setup is current like so : Guitar > OD Pedals > HX Stomp L input > HX Stomp FX loop send L > Chorus > Reverb > Delay > Looper> HX Stomp FX loop return L > HX Stomp out L > Katana Power amp in This way I get to use a preamp on the stomp, retain my existing external pedals, as well as use any in the stomp, and then hear the noise out of my katana which is nothing more than a powered cab right now. Now I've got the Orange I'd like to add it in, but not integrate it fully if that makes sense? Like I don't want a whole massive 7 cable method setup or anything as I don't need that many options. So with that said, I was hoping to keep everything as is, and just run a cable from the Orange FX Send to the HX Stomp Input R so I can use the Orange, have a cab sim on the stomp and then hear the result out of the katana. So it'd be : Guitar > Micro Dark input > Micro Dark FX Send > HX Stomp R input > IR Block (Possibly not needed?) > HX Stomp FX loop & pedals > HX Stomp out L > Katana Power amp in Does this sound like it'd be ok? I think I am just getting myself worried as the Orange has a tube pre, but solid state power section, and didn't know whether I'd be risking blowing up the stomp as I'm basically trying to use it as an IR loadbox aren't i? Although I 100% know NOT to run anything from the 'Speaker out' socket into my stomp. Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone, On a whim I bought myself one of those Orange Micro Dark mini amp heads. Its pretty cool but I am not using it loads because I'm finding the headphone out to be a bit harsh sounding. I don't currently own a cab, but I do have a Katana MKII which I am using as a powered cab for the stomp, I also have a regular pedal board connected to the stomps fx loop. What I was wondering was, could I run a cable from the Micro Darks fx send, into the right input of my stomp, then add an IR block, and have it still play out of my katana? Am I going to blow something/everything up doing this? I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who's done something similar, or knows that it is totally ridiculous and I shouldn't be allowed near guitar gear! Cheers!
  6. Dude, thank you I really really appreciate the detailed reply! I am going to try this out later on tonight after work and see how it goes. Thanks again!
  7. Hey guys, So I have a HX Stomp, a few pedals and a Laney IRT with an FX loop. What I would love to be able to do, is run the setup using the 4 cable method, but also incorporate my existing pedals, but I am just having a little trouble wiring it all up. I have checked the forum, and watched some really helpful videos on YouTube on the 4CM and the stomp, but haven't found anything directly related to this setup I'm not sure whether I'm asking too much to get this all set up right or if its even possible, but is there a way to be able to have the HX stomp connected to my amp via 4cm, so I can use some effects before and after the Laney, but also have a my other pedals in the chain so my OD pedal is before the amp, and my reverb & delay pedals are after the amp too? I'm currently hooked up like this : Guitar => OD pedal => HX Stomp Guitar input // Hx stomp L out => Amp guitar input. Then it goes from the Laney FX send => Echo pedal => Reverb pedal => Looper => Laney FX return. This so far sounds good, I can use the drive effects and others from the stomp, but its all fed into the front of my amp. I like the flexibility of being able to use the onboard amp sims if I can because they sound great! I would really appreciate any help from anyone who has a similar set up, or knows that I'm just talking rubbish and it will never work haha! Thanks!
  8. I hoped that might be the case, I haven’t ever needed to use a hub before as obviously most computers come with enough ports, but I didn’t know with the advances in technology, especially with how much better USB-C is supposed to be, that connecting via a hub might not be a worry any more. I was nearly ready to buy a Huawei Matebook, they look good and have pretty good specs for their price, but they don’t all come with a wide variety of ports, most only sporting the usb-c but they include a hub with the laptop.
  9. Thanks for your help I appreciate it! I think I’ll look for something with more ports available to be on the safe side Cheers
  10. Thanks Silverhead! That’s good to know, I never even would have thought of that! Do you happen to know whether the hub would work too? It’s just one of the laptops I was looking at only had 2 USB-C ports and I do have a bunch of other gear I use. Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I have had a quick search on the forums but haven’t quite found the answer I was looking for. I am looking to get a new laptop in the near future and the main contender features only USB-C ports. I have seen you can get a USB-C hub that allows you to connect multiple USB 2.0 devices, does anyone have any experience with these and their Line6 devices? I have a HX Stomp, and older HD Bean that I would like to still use for recording and editing patches etc, but always heard that connecting via a USB hub was problematic. Thanks!
  12. So uh, Embarrassing update, always check your leads before you attempt this, because if you have a duff cable, it won't work! Haha! Got it working like a treat yesterday and couldn't be happier! :D
  13. Actually turns out its not working at all for me haha, on the off chance I got hold of a couple extra patch leads on my way home from work today and thought i'd give it a shot. I followed Space's instructions with regards to cabling up and setting up, but so far I am getting absolutely no sound whatsoever now haha, cant quite work out whats going on. As soon as I click input 2 over to mic I lose all the sound If anyone has any suggestions, I would be totally grateful, this is my first ever dealings with using the 4CM so I could be totally fudging this right up!
  14. Hey space I know this is an old thread but I have just got myself a new amp with an FX loop and am keen to try this out with my desktop, I just really wanted to know that with this method can you use the POD's amp sims? It's not that I really need to as I like my amps sound but just for flexibility I guess does it work? Cheers mate
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