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  1. My system is Mojave and everything went well. One note is not to install the latest driver, make sure Monkey can see your POD. Install before doing this procedure and install the audio driver from the package. And remove the .X3m for the Gearbox to see the files.
  2. whenever I write the number of bpm and I move the expression pedal, the amount of time back to the previous progress. To work if I want 130 BPM, write tightening enter 130, then any number and I move the pedal, al back to 130 BPM. Is this normal?
  3. I'm using the Line 6 EP1 the mission. And each preset you choose the keywords for the POD HD 500X does not correspond to the numbers. and even replacing the former controllers. Volume 2 and 1 wah they do not work.
  4. always had all Line 6 products, And the pod X3 always used the tone 1 and 2 each with different sounds and when passing from one to the other, the delays were not interrupted. How can I do the same in the Pod HD500x? Tks
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