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  1. I'm trying to record with Garageband 10 and a Line6 HD500X. The problem is that the click track/metronome is a split second ahead of the measure indicated on the screen. In otherwords, if I play to the click track, my playing is slightly ahead of the measure as it's recorded. How can I fix this? I'm using the HD500X as both the input and output device, monitoring through headphones on the HD500X. My Mac Mini is connected to my LCD TV via an HDMI. I know that games like RockSmith have a sound latency issue that can be corrected, but I have no idea how to tell Garageband it's recording too late vs. the click track... Any help is appreciated!
  2. Looks like turning off system alerts through the HD would help. That's a start!
  3. I'm at work so I'll have to check when home. However, I'm pretty sure they were also set at the minimum volume.
  4. I'm having issues with volume from different sources back to the headphones out on my hd500x. I would like to simultaneously output to headphones attached to the hd500x: Guitar (guitar in on hd500x) Mic (mic xlr in on hd500x) Mac Mini (via USB to hd500x) including iTunes, drum machine software, recording software Occasionally, iPad drum machine (via CD/MP3 In) The problem is all volume levels coming from my Mac are unbearably loud. I've tried dropping my Mac volume controls as low as possible but it takes away all balancing control. My volume and master volume and guitar volumes are all set at near max volume. I have looked for input volume options on both the hd500x and my mac to no avail. Any help is appreciated. My only thought at this point is to get a second mixer to run the Mac and HD500x through and then plug the headphones or monitors into that. Thanks, Scott
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