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  1. Hi.. unfortunately it's me again : ( I still have those problems I wrote about here some 10 posts ago (Aug 8th). After some research I found an unanswered thread from a guy who had the same problem here in this official forum: So it seems, that I am not the only one. But what can I do? I changed USB cables, used another USB port, everything is up-to-date (Helix LT + HX Edit), did a factory reset... don't know what else I could do.
  2. I have the EXACT same problem! It's driving me nuts! I can still change presets, although the display and button colors don't change at all. Also HX Edit says that the Helix LT is disconnected, but backing tracks coming from the pc still work fine and everything works as usual. I then have to disconnect the cable (also tried another cable and another port btw) and reconnect. Then it will work again for 5-10 minutes and disconnect again. Very (!!!!) seldomly restarting HX Edit fixed the problem, which I find very strange. But in 9 out of 10 cases I have to replug the cable. Have you found a solution? Why is there no answer yet to this question? I'm on a Win10 PC using the 3.11.0 Firmware and a brand new Helix LT (some 2 months old). Everything is up-to-date and I also tried a factory reset some time ago. Didn't help at all. So as it seems the problem exists on multiple OS...
  3. Hi everyone... I bought my Helix LT just some weeks ago and I really like it. Now I've got a problem: sometimes the display just freezes. I still can play and also change presets. I also can activate the tuner, which is then visible. But everything else doesn't change the display. Anybody had this problem yet? Edit / What I did so far: "Factory Reset" with buttons 9+10 (although it really isn't a factory reset) and right now I'm rebuilding the presets with buttons 10+11. If this won't help, I'll try repatching the latest firmware.
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