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  1. Hey @Duke_Skellington, I think either rd2rk has misread your post or I have - you're saying you hate the headrush and are thinking about the Powercab, right? I've recently bought a 112+ and I'm really enjoying it. I've never used a headrush though so I can't give you a direct comparison I'm afraid, but I'm happy to attempt to answer any 'onboarding' type questions you might have. Cheers, JP.
  2. Hi, old thread, new user, same issue as below. When I switch from FRFR with IR on the Helix to a Powercab 112+ speaker model, with equalised volumes between the two, there is a spike at the point of change - I haven't tried it at gig volume but it's not pleasant, a bit like unplugging the guitar lead in a non-digital world with amps etc still turned on full. It doesn't happen the other way though (PC+ speaker model to Helix IR). Did anyone manage to get a response from Line 6? Thanks.
  3. I know this is an old thread but if you're still on here @gearmanawhich PRS is that? And do you want to sell it lol - it's effing gorgeous!
  4. For the record I did not say 'lollipop' - I used a common idiom which clearly was seen as a potential racist slur. Dear me. in a less idiomatic way: Yes, you have to always be keenly aware that if there's a potential flaw, your kid's going to find it.
  5. Thank you for the confirmation - and I hope no-one was harmed in the process! I'm still buying a Korg anyway. Yes, you have to always be keenly aware that if there's a lollipop in the armour, your kid's going to find it. I'm now actually thinking that tilting the cab back and sticking blu-tack (do you have / call it that in other parts of the world?) around the volume knob to slow down the volume increase might do the trick. The other two defences are Subterfuge: put something over the colour ring on the Powercab... if there's no changing colour, and the volume knob is a bit out of the way, then there's nothing really to see for a 6 year old Distraction: "wow, look at my pedalboard! you can make it light up in different colours AND change the sound by stomping on this button!"...... "That;s enough stomping now... no, really...." I can always replace the Helix, but not his hearing... see, I do the responsbility incredibly well in theory, it's just the practice I'm worried about.
  6. Thank goodness you're here @rd2rk, this genuinely is like arriving at a party 4 years late and wondering if anyone will still be there. My "still worth buying?" post on TGP generated a bit of a spat between one person who was delighted with the accuracy of the speaker models. and one person who was railing against Line6 and will never buy a Powercab because of the inaccuracy of the speaker models. The latter had never actually heard a Powercab. The power of the internet at work, I guess. Definitely no to the first. I've played a few closed back 112 cabs, but can I recall their sound and cross-reference to the speaker inside? No. I was actually really happy instead to read the feedback (good and bad), take a view, and buy online - if it hadn't sounded good, I could either tweak it until it did, or send it back. You are 100% right (for my situation at least), I only care about what sounds good to me. And I'm delighted with my purchase so far. If there comes a time when it sounds as bad as some peeople think, I will take some solace from the fact that either my ears have become more discerning, or I've gone deaf and it was good while it lasted :-) When I joined a software organisation a LONG time ago, there was no such thing as a bug, you always had to refer to as an "undocumented feature". This is definitely an undocumented feature. Thank you, I'll try this out. I was pretty sure I'd seen this documented by your good self - there's an upside to reading 4 years' worth of posts in a week, but the downside is trying to remember where you saw something mentioned. Much appreciated! In order: - Do you mean the built-in stands, or something additional? One of my Day 4 wishes is that they'd built in a multi-position tilt rather than just 0 or 45 degrees, but that might not be what you mean - Done, thank you and understood. You guys seem to have a done a ton of the bug-tracking and fixing already - that's the major upside of being four years late. - I'd like to think I went in with my eyes open. That said, there is a gaping disparity between the "what's going to be in 3.20?!?!?!?!?!" threads and the "I don't think they'll ever fix this" threads - THIS!!!! Thank you for all of your feedback and encouragement, I'm not a pro player and when all is said and done, playing guitar and having nice toys with which to play guitar makes me happy :-) And maybe even my 6 year old rascal too one day, who knows ;-)
  7. Thanks again @rd2rk - this is turning into a private chat, but it's much appreciated! And sorry for the delayed response - my wife tested positive for covid today, which has scuppered most of our plans for the weekend, let alone any hope of guitar time. Just think, when the Powercab came out, no-one had heard of coronavirus... I'm now drinking red wine for the immune system benefits, let's see if it makes me more coherent than usual. This is my one nagging doubt from the short test I did... it felt to me like the Powercab volume override was absolute to its physical position, rather than relative to the current volume level, if that makes sense. So if the MIDI controller setvolume at 15% and PC+ is dimed, I think what you're saying is that turning down the volume knob would take it to 14%... my fear is that it will go to 99%. BUT there's only one way to find out, and I'm really into the concept of the Korg - so even if it turns out that it doesn't conquer the volume knob, I'm buying one anyway! I wasn't very clear on my post (I know, I'm as shocked as you are) - it would be two separate use cases for me for the Korg: Amp in the room; purely to limit the volume Recording: Helix - > laptop, and Korg => laptop. (No Poercab) I have no idea why I thought I would have to plug the Korg into the Helix for that, obviously for a DAW I would have both laptop and USB input to hand. I like the sound of the default DAW configuration. You are indeed a gentleman, thank you!
  8. I went off topic there for a moment, GAS kicked in. I don't think I've explained myself very well, sorry. Here's what I found when I set up the Helix to MIDI control the Powercab volume. I set up EXP2 as a MIDI controller with min MIDI value 0, max MIDI value e.g. 20 (out of 127) - loud enough to test but not deafen if I messed up. This worked - the pedal controlled the Powercab volume output between 0% and say 15% (don't know the dB, sorry) HOWEVER if I then move the volume knob on the Powercab itself - up or down - it takes over the volume control, it isn't limited to the 0-20 MIDI value range, and it kicks in at its current physical position (eg noon) rather than from the current volume output of the amp. So my concern is not the sensitivity of the volume control - it's that the Powercab volume knob overrides the MIDI, presenting the risk that junior could turn the Powercab volume knob DOWN, but the actual volume would jump to 99%. Hope that makes more sense.
  9. Thanks again @rd2rk ! Ooh that looks nice... given that I'd never heard of such a thing two days ago, now I find myself needing one!! Looking at the controls, I'm guessing that as well as controlling a Powercab, you could set it up to control Cubase (or another DAW) through MIDI on the Helix? So you could have Helix as the audio interface and the Korg as a basic control surface? WAY better than pawing away at a laptop touchscreen or trying to memorise keyboard shortcuts - I love it!
  10. I know, I know, I'm four years late to this party... my Powercab 112+ arrived three days ago, and although I haven't been able to spend anywhere near as much time with it as I would like, I'm really impressed so far. I bought it online from a retailer a couple of hundred miles away, so I'm trying to make sure as quickly as possible that everything is working as intended... this product seems to have collected more than its fair share of actual and perceived quality issues since launch. First impressions: Really loud. See separate thread Sounds like a real guitar amp! With loads of different speaker options! So in fact, loads of different guitar amps! (More) option overload. Added to the Helix, there's probably at least 3 years' of trying out different tone and effects options ahead of me, before I have to face reality and try to actually improve my playing. What I've tested: Most of the connections I may have invented this as a reported issue, but I thought I'd read that some people believe that the speaker models are over EQd, but the corresponding mic-modelled XLR out isn't - so if you have to 'correct' the modelling with EQ on the Helix, it will sound very different tonally through FOH I've tested to powered monitors and after a bit of user error, it sounded nigh on identical to me (the delta presumably being the mic modelling) As I say though, I may have imagined reading this What I haven't tested yet: AES cable and therefore parameter switching through the Helix - the cable arrives tomorrow IRs or any of the LF modes. I did listen very intently to some extremely clean sounding LF mode switching this afternoon - and realised too late that I didn't have a cab model in my chain. Argh Input 2 / USB input Reported issue that tweeter is on when it shouldn't be Is there anything else I should be checking / looking out for before the "cooling off period" is over? Many thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for the considered response@rd2rk, much appreciated. So... it's childproof but not idiotproof then :-D I hate being the critical point of failure... Is this different when running MIDI with the Korg vs the Helix? Disclaimer: I haven't actually dared to try diming both volume knobs, but setting volume at 20 with MIDI and then turning DOWN the Powercab from noon gives an almighty volume jump to the physical position of the knob. I'll keep an eye on ebay, but can't find many here in the UK. Would something like this work? I have one gathering dust from "that time I had a major break-up and decided to learn piano..." E-MU Xboard 49 review | MusicRadar And by the way, feel free to tell me that I'm way over-thinking this, and that once I have the AES cable up and running, I'll never need to access the controls again, so I can just tilt it back and play louder to scare the rascal off if he gets too close... Thanks again!
  12. I am cautiously optimisic that using the Helix Remote Global setting to control the volume at home might be viable - I'm guessing not many people have ever chosen to global control all the PC+ parameters though, why would you if you can set individually per preset.
  13. Ha ha, thank you @rd2rk, and good to see you here as well as on TGP! Thanks for the suggestion as well. What would the behaviour of the Powercab volume knob be in this scenario - would it be disabled? My (admittedly little) experience of controlling the PC+ by midi from the Helix was that the expression pedal worked well at setting the volume between e.g. 0% and 30%. But if I moved the PC+ volume knob, it took over from its physical position - so if it was at noon, and I touched it, it would jump to 50% for the sake of argument. So - my concern would be that if the knob could override the Korg, then diming it and then turning the knob DOWN would very quickly move it to 99% volume - not ideal! I'd hoped that the Helix midi control would disable the PC+ knob, but that doesn't seem to be the case - I'd be interested to know what happens in your scenario... maybe don;t dime it for an experiment though!
  14. Hello all, I took delivery of a Powercab two days ago after reading four years' worth of TGP posts, and posting a thread there. i do have a couple of questions, apologies for the overlap if anyone here is on TGP as well. My first question is - it's really loud, and I hadn't thought through the implications of maxing out the output from the Helix and controlling the volume at the Powercab, in that if my 6 year old wanders in and twists one dial before I can stop him, he's standing next to 125dB. So - I'm looking for a way to limit the volume output for home use. Ideally one that reduces the Powercab output for home sessions, rather than one that reduces the Helix output or Powercab input, as I believe that either of those approaches will compromise the tone. Will the global remote level control setting in the Helix work? Would I be able to back that off and be confident that no matter what patch I put the Helix (or Powercab) onto during a home session, the volume output will be always be capped at -60dB (or whatever)? I haven't had a chance to test this yet as my AES cable hasn't arrived. I've thought of some other potential ideas and ruled some out, posting here for completeness - any other ideas gratefully received. Turn down the output from the Helix with big volume knob... just moves the problem to a different place. And compromises tone. Turn down the output from the Helix at amp channel volume or output block... not global, so if I move to a different preset it could go back to full output. And compromises tone. Global EQ reduction on Helix - I've read that this doesn;t apply to the AES output, is that right? And compromises tone. Turn down the global input at the Powercab... I think and hope this would be a "start of every session" setting depending on whether I'm at home or jamming / gigging... is it foolproof? Again compromises tone I believe, but I could live with this one for a foolproof (childproof) solution. Using midi control with an expression pedal and Helix to control the volume between a lower and upper limit. This works - but it doesn't disable the Powercab volume knob, it just takes a bit longer to respond and override the pedal Some kind of physical device to thwart small fingers. I'm thinking about buying one or two of these to put around the Powercab volume know and make it much harder to turn quickly: https://www.magnosphere.co.uk/ring-magnets-neodymium/ring-magnet-35mm-x-24mm-x-10mm-neodymium-n35-nickel-plated-pull-6-6kg/a-1093 Are there any downsides to that, i.e. having a magnet up by the controls? Many thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  15. @DunedinDragon My original activation email came from a named rep - I replied to that and it was him that sorted me out. Might save you a call? Unless I only got that service because I'm outside US.. in which case you can claim to be from NZ, I assume...? ;-)
  16. Just a quick note to say that I'd already emailed back to the original 'activation' email to ask how to get the new version. I received a holding reply immediately and a new link about 3.5 hours later - since I'm in the UK, it was here when I woke up this morning, more than acceptable! The original download link didn't work but I suspect that's because I'd already gone down a different route. So if the link on the site doesn't work, emailing Sweetwater does. Thanks Craig, looking forward to getting stuck in!
  17. Hi Rocles, good to see a fellow newbie in the UK! The .FAV files worked for me in Native; I clicked on Favourites / Import and then pointed at the directory called "Chapter 11 Favourites" and selected all files (CTRL+A in Windows) - apologies if that's exactly what you've tried already.
  18. Thank you phil_m, I'm not sure I would have ever found that otherwise - much appreciated!
  19. Hello all, I've bought the book on the basis of this thread and I'm very impressed. I'm a brand new user (bought a Helix Floor just before Christmas) and although this book isn't pitched at novices, it's helping me immensely to build some strucure for my initial "well I've bought it and plugged it in, NOW what do I do??" quandary, and also to accelerate me through the learning curve. I'm about 100 pages in so I'm still reading about the various effects, and I haven't got near playing with the supplied presets yet, which I'm really looking forward to. As context, I have a young child and no dedicated space to keep the Helix set up, so time to play and experiment is limited, so it's great that I can pick up the book and read a section when I have 15 minutes without actually having the unit to hand. I have no affiliation with the author (I'm not even on the same continent) but I sincerely hope he sells lots of copies to repay the investment of his time - and selfishly for me, so that he has an incentive to publish updates! I do have one dumb question. The author deliberately doesn't cover legacy effects but does encourage the reader to try them. Are there any other resources which cover them in this type of detail? If they're legacy effects, where were they originally included - perhaps the documentation of that unit(s) is worth a look? I had originally assumed they were all Helix originals, but looking at the user manual that's clearly not the case other than the reverbs. Thanks in advance!
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