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  1. Yes! It WAS the USB cable! I changed it for my printer cable and the updates loaded correctly. However, just in case I installed the firmware in sequential order. I didn't want to take the chance on it corrupting again. After I did that, I had no problems.
  2. I was seeing how small I could go without losing my sound quality. Less to carry to gigs etc, small footprint. If my current amp is the smallest it can go then so be it. At least I can unify my pedal board to one unit. Thanks for your help guys :)
  3. So there’s nothing really in pedal format for the bass like there is for guitar? For example, The Seymour Duncan powerstage 170 Power amp pedal. You don’t need an amp on your cab as this pedal does it for you.
  4. I'm currently using a TC electronic BH250 amp and Ashdown 4x10 300w cab. I'm looking into the possibility of getting a Helix LT and put it through my Ashdown cab. Can anyone recommend a power amp pedal that I'm going to need before I go through to my bass cab?
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