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  1. I still like the sound of Pod Farm 2.5 and there are a lot of amp models which are not available in Helix Native. It´s very easy to create good sounds and the amp models look nice. Are there any plans to update to a resizeable GUI and add some new gear ( more cabinets & mics ) ? The stand alone version doesn´t work correctly with my Zoom UAC-2 audio interface. It seems that the +18dB button (which is not visible) in the mixer is turned on in stand alone mode. Therefore the output level is way too loud. Can this be fixed ?
  2. It seems that the output level is too high. Go into the mixer and lower the output level about -18 dB. I have the same issue with pod farm 2 since I´ve changed my audio interface from my Toneport Di to Zoom UAC-2. In my case the issue appears only in stand alone mode. The plugin inside Cubase works fine. When I´ve used Pod Farm 2 with the Line 6 audio interface (Toneport DI) the mixer showed a +18db button but when I use it with the Zoom UAC-2 audio interface this button is not visible. Maybe the problem is that the +18dB button is turned on automatically ??? It seems so. It would be great if someone from Line 6 can confirm this bug with non Line6 audio interfaces.
  3. I´m using the Zoom UAC-2 as audio interface. Is this enough or will it benefit from the Countryman Type 85 Here are the specs: https://www.zoom.co.jp/products/audio-converter/uac-2-usb-30-audio-converter
  4. I´m curious if there will be a stand alone version for Helix Native ???
  5. Sounds very good, awesome tone and playing! What is your signal chain (audio interface, pickups …) ? Any chance for posting the preset ?
  6. Any plans to release a stand alone version in the near future ?
  7. The Input gain is setup correctly. I opened the mixer view in plugin mode and it´s setup to 0 dB by default. So it´s the same as in stand alone mode. So this issue appears only in stand alone mode. All my other guitar simulation don´t have this issue. So I asume something is setup wrong in Pod Farm.
  8. I can´t see a +18 dB boost in mixer view. Maybe because I use the Zoom UAC-2 audio interface. I remember when I used my DI Toneport it was visible. OK I reduced the output in the mixer at about 14 dB so that the output isn´t clipping. This setting stays when I launch the stand alone Version again. Is this the only way to set it up so it´s not clipping ?
  9. Yes, Windows 10. All my other guitar simulations work fine in stand alone mode. So I think that there´s something with the Pod Farm settings but I can´t figure it out.
  10. I turned it down about -15dB so it´s equal with the plugin output. Unfortunatly it´s not possible to save this setting. But should the stand alone version not be the same in output as the plugin with the same audio interface ?
  11. I don´t use my Line 6 Di Toneport only the zoom uac-2. I have Pod Farm Platinum which works without a dongle. Anybody using Pod Farm without a Line 6 Audio interface in stand alone mode ?
  12. I´m running POD Farm with the zoom UAC-2 audio interface as a plugin inside Cubase and also in stand alone mode. It works great as a plugin but when I´m running in stand alone mode the output is way too loud. The output meter is totally in the red zone. All my other guitar programs work well in stand alone mode except POD Farm. Any idea what could cause this problem ?
  13. Monkey says all drivers are installed. I run podfarm in standalone mode. When I try to set it at extra small there´s no sound at all.
  14. Today I´ve tried to set the Sample Rate Converter (ToneDirect & USB Audio Streaming) to extra small. The Sound immediately disappears. Does it mean that under Windows 10 it´s not possible to have a low latency as with Windows 7 ( even with less RAM) ???
  15. I´ve installed the old Toneport DI Gold on my new Windows 10 system ( 256 SSD, 16 GB RAM ). When I setup the latency to extra small I get no sound. On windows 7 with only 4 GB Ram I had no problems. I have the newest drivers installed (Monkey). Is there a way to set the buffer to very small ?
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