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  1. Finished this one a while back. Don't remember posting pics. hmmmm FB2 by toasterdude, on Flickr FB&69 by toasterdude, on Flickr
  2. Specs: Warmoth Flying V scored on ebay Warmoth Tele Neck from ebay JTV 59 "guts" TV Jones Classic humbucker size pickups Bigsby B5 Graphtec Bridge. Put together by local luthier/tech here in Dominican Republic.
  3. Flying V with bigsby, TV Jones and tele neck. photo by toasterdude, on Flickr photo-5 by toasterdude, on Flickr photo-3 by toasterdude, on Flickr photo-4 by toasterdude, on Flickr photo-2 by toasterdude, on Flickr
  4. Just realized I have all of the above except the HD500. Sold that one. Will be glad to have more bass amps for my bean. Good silent solution for bass. Don't use amp models on the Rack units, but will likely buy model packs for the 500x. Need to see what the differences with the yamaha variax are. I normally prefer two pickup models but if they are cheap enough. . . . . .more transplants in my future.
  5. https://www.namm.org/sites/www.namm.org/files_public/presskits/wn15/line-6/Line%206%20NAMM%20Press%20Releases.pdf
  6. https://www.namm.org/sites/www.namm.org/files_public/presskits/wn15/line-6/Line%206%20NAMM%20Press%20Releases.pdf
  7. https://www.namm.org/sites/www.namm.org/files_public/presskits/wn15/line-6/Line%206%20NAMM%20Press%20Releases.pdf
  8. I control two POD HD Pros via an RJM Mastermind GT along with a bunch of other gear also controlled via the GT. Works great. In fact a few features of the HD make it easier. I am almost certain that the midi implimentation of HD500 is the same as on the Pro. On a POD patch I can assign which effects are controlled by which FS even though the Pro doesn't have FS. On one patch I have both PODs turn on two fuzz nd one filter using FS1 on each. Then on the GT I have a button that I assign to FS1 on both PODS. I click that button on the GT and those 6 effects are turned on at once. Pretty esy to set up.
  9. If I could route raw piezos to variax electronics and also to 1/4 inch output at same time. I would dig it. Using an acoustic sim in variax mixed with raw piezo fed to fishman aura. . .. . hmmmmmmm. . . . . .
  10. Sounds killer man. Have never been a huge JCM 800 fan. Dig that patch though. I may need to spend some time tweaking an SLO.
  11. I have been doing so many transplants I have a bunch of extra parts laying around. I need to collect them all in one place I guess. Just ordered 3 way switches for 59s as I have one bad one, and like having extras. I have a main board from a 69 laying around. Fairly certain I purchased 2 jack plates a while back as spares. I see JTV89 wiring harness on fullcompass. I am wondering if connecting that to the main board and jack panel will work? I am pretty sure all main boards are exactly the same? Not sure how the 5 way is wired on 89, but if I find a deal on a decnt warmoth body, I could see one more transplant in the future. . .lol. I have two more getting painted this week. Should be done soon.
  12. Damn, so 512k would be say 20% of HD500x. DSP limit rears its ugly head too quickly now, can't imagine with IRs. I wish I was more up on DSP version of moore's law. Seems much slower than with CPU and GPU. Come to think of it, I wish theer was an APU type deal. If every graphics card or MOBO came with a DSP that did for audio processing what GPU does for 3D and Video. . .would be way cool. I currently don't use much of the POD amp modeling because of DSP limit, so IRs that make that worse, would do zip for me. I will start using HD500x a bit more as portable rig, but may need a torpedo cab or two, big sky or H9 for reverb and maybe echolution 2 for delays to be able to make my whacky patches work with DSP limit. That or I would need like 4 times the amount of presets. Most reports of people using POD with torpedo cab or VST IRs seem to say that it makes a big difference, confirming what many have suspected. Cab sims are the weak link in POD HD. Speaking of DSP limit. It does sort of suck that even though I have a POD HD Pro X with more DSP and don't use any amp modeling, cabs or 63 spring reverbs, I can only have 8 FX blocks. In most of my patches I need two of each effect as I run basically dual mono with one side models and the other magnetic pickups. Oh yeah, I'd love wireless VDI ;-)
  13. Reality. Maybe a bit harsh reality. I was sort of hoping you were heading to without HD500 we wouldn't do. . . . . . .. Sort of like without POD XT you couldn't have done Vetta. I don't get the hatred for amplifi. I haven't bought one yet, but realize that my alte ipod boombox doesn't charge the damn ipod while playing music. Blue tooth boombox may be in my future. Blue tooth boombox that can also be a living room practice amp? More interesting. Sexy red and black design that would literally match my current living room perfectly. . . . hmmmmm
  14. I travel with JTVs all the time. I just flew to buenos aires with a customized JTV 69 in a mono gig bag. I am exec platinum on american but still makes sure I am one of the first on the plane so as to have space in the closets. On bigger planes like 767 and 777 guitars do NOT fit in overheads. Getting on before the masses can make a difference. I actually use the JTV 69 as a "beater" variax as my xplants are significantly more expensive and harder to replace. In worst case if they had to gate check, unless handlers were real gorillas, I think it would survive ok in the mono bag. When flying other airlines I will often use hard case and check the "beater" etc. I will be flying dominican republic to bogota, to costa rica to Jamaica, and back to DR in November and will need to take one of my main transplants as the "beater" is in desperate need of a set up and I will only be home for a day before that trip. I will either take my tele transplant in SKB hard case and try to carry on, with gate check as backup, or use a hard sided gator gig bag with my les paul style xplant. I think worst case the les paul in that bag could survive a gate check. Key points are travel same airline whenever possible to be considered a very good customer. Try to board plane first to make sure there is room for the guitar. Good luck!
  15. Good to hear. Thanks for the info. As long as Wireless VDI is one of the ideascale features implemented I will be happy ;-)
  16. I tried an M9 in the loop of my HD500 when I first got it. Problem is the m9 only had like 24 preset locations while the pod has 512, so limited if you use more than 24 presets. Was making patches on HD500x last night and hit DSP all the time. Total bummer. IN my rack I use two HD Pros, actually one is an X and I don't use the amp modeling. Theoretically I could use way more FX as the amps are not using up DSP, but still only 8 slots. Total bummer.
  17. I currently have 5 JTVs with two more on the way and none have ever exhibited the second behavior. Never had battery issues but use VDI for power 90% of the time. Good luck!!
  18. Intended response. lol. I am addicted to doing custom guitars. Pulling yet another sunburts LP or black strat out of gigbag is just not the same as "holy crap". . .lol
  19. Oops forgot details: JTV59 "guts Warmoth Firebird body, no longer made Warmoth tele neck with brasilian rosewood board flame maple, comp radius, ss frets Fralin tele bridge pickup Fralin Strat middle pick up Lollar Firebird type minihum in neck Graphtec saddles on a tele style bridge Switching set so so that the large switch does normal switching of the neck and bridge pickups tele style. Smaller switch gives the strat 2 and 4 quack settings. Down is pos 2 up is pos 4.
  20. Recently was able to pick this baby up from Guitartex in san antonio. Crappy cell phone pic at the aiport and a cell phone pic of it next to my refinished and cutomized JTV69. FB2 by toasterdude, on Flickr FB&69 by toasterdude, on Flickr
  21. Maybe that just means they will use yamaha factory instead of world guitars, if the rumor is in fact true. In my case I would actually prefer cheap pacifica variaxes. Get that price down to like 5oo bucks again. I could do xplants less expensively then. Actually I will soon have 7 xplants so it is doubtful I will need many more variax guts. . .lol. Maybe 2 more. . .maybe 3 to make an even 10?
  22. In work. Ench put one humbucker on top of another. Wite in series and then adjust output.
  23. I have 2 69s that have no variax "guts" and one us Lake Placid Blue. Rarely played so damn near brand new. was planning on putting pickups and neck back on it and selling for 400 bucks. I may be able to sell the parts separate. Make offer on the body. I will yry and hook you up.
  24. While in Jamaica on vacation, it rained hard one day. I had a POD desktop with me and started messing around. I came up with two whacky reggae type patches. Well one was a more fuzz drivern rhythmic thing. Sounded way cool. When I got back home a buddy was over and I started playing that patch which I had xferred to my POD HD Pro in my rack. He loved it. Only then did I realize. . . . .I had the amp FIRST in the chain. Fuzzes, filters, a pitch shifter and pattern trem were all after the amp! I quickly grabbed the amp and moved it to the end of the chain. Sounded like poo! Put it back up front and it sounded cool. So. . . .don't be afraid to not follow convention and break the rules. You may get a happy accident.
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