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  1. Well duhh. . . .not sure why I was not thinking of that. Especially since I just bought a prewired strat pickguard with that wiring amongst others. I may play the 69 more often now! Well once I get it wired. Grassy lollipop!!!
  2. It has a 5 way but not sure it would work if you were planning on having 3 pickups. I wish L6 were more forthcoming with info on electronics of variax. I like pos 2 and 4 in a 3 pickup config but also use neck and bridge combo a lot, maybe even more so. On my xplants I have 2 prails and the bridge middle combo on rails is strat like but not as strat like as if I had a middle single coil that can combine with neck or bridge rails. On my refinished 69 I have prials in bridge and neck and lipstick tube in middle. The pos 2 and 4 on that guitar sound more strat like for obvious reasons. . . .BUT. . .then I have no way to get bridge rail and neck p90 combo etc etc etc. The Firebird xplant I have being built will be an experiment. The guts will be from a59 so 3 way switch. Fralin tele BR and Strat middle with lollar firbird neck pickup up. Middle pickup will be wired in wit both bridge and neck but turned on via mini switch. That way in theory I should get good position 2 and 4 tones but also get a more tele type sound when combining bridge tele and neck firebird pickups. If I love it, I may add middle pickups to other xplants. Was thinking about G&L asats as I can get with pearloid covers to match the prails or maybe go mini hum or lipstick. hmmmmmm
  3. I am sorry I did not post this sooner but in the past when I have had issues updating FW with Monkey, I DL the FW and then do an update from file rather than monkey DLing and burning new FW at the same time. It usually helps a bit.
  4. Oh yeah. . . .the next one will also be cool. . . .and purple;-) Warmoth Firebird Body in Purple Frost with 3 pickup tele wiring scheme and warmoth flame maple tele neck. Fralin tele bridge, strat middle and lolar Firebird neck pickup. Need to call Guitartex to see if they received the Lollar yet!
  5. Thanks. This one is technically not a transplant. I bought a LPB 69 and then found a black 69 empry body on ebay. I was using the LPB one while traveling and waiting for my tele to be done so instead of taking the LPB apart I sent the bare black body off to be refinished. Then I just dropped it off to GuitarTex in san antonio where john did the assembly, pickguard and installed warmoth neck. I now have the original LPB body, neck, pickguard and pickups. I also have a 69 main board from ebay. All I need is a bridge that will work and the pots/harness from a 69 and I can put the LPB 69 back together. BTW, I totally cheat with xplants. I order warmoth bodies and necks and pay Guitartex to build em. Guys like Jeff Miller and Midirose were doing real transplants themselves. I wish I had that patience and skill!!!! Also the chops of either of those guys would be great!
  6. JTV 59 1 - was a 3.8 out of 5 because I am not crazy about the neck, after being transplanted into a warmoth explorer, built to me specs 5 out of 5. JTV 59 2 - was 3.6 because don't dig neck and wasn't loving black color. After being transplanted into a warmoth tele that used to house a variax 500 is now 5 out of 5. JTV 59 3 - was 3.5 out of 5 because I didn't dig the neck and the TSB didn't look as nice as the CSB or black IMHO. After xplanting into warmoth LP 6 out of 5 and currently my new fave guitar. The tele xplant was my baby for about 5 year and still love it but right now the LP is my number 1. Maybe the new factor. JTV 69 - was 2.5 out of 5 because I hated the neck, e string slipped off and was not head over heels with LPB color. Refinished in purple mist and put warmoth neck on it plus prails and a lipstick tube and now it is a 4.5 out of 5. Would be higher but I miss not getting neck and bridge rails or p90s setting on mags instead of just middle pick up alone. JTV 69 2 - still stock and give it 2.6 out of 5 because I hate the neck and am not head over heels about the 3 tone burst. On one hand I dig having a more normal looking guitar but part of me prefers having a more unique guitar and not one that thousand of other guitar players also have. Honestly was played ever so briefly and been hanging on the wall while I finalize the xplant ones for that one. . . . . Morale of my story, if I want a "perfect" guitar, custom is the way to go. . . . .
  7. The 59 is a fatter neck. The 69 is a weird and whacky profile a few love it, most can tolerate it but many don't like it. I don't like it. It is narrower at the nut than I like but deeper than I like. IOW the distance from fretboard to back of neck, is more than I like. Some love the finish or lack there of, I don't. Your best bet is to get a 69 but be prepared to change neck if you don't dig it as on the 59 there is no neck swapping. My 3 59s have been xplanted so I can have a comfortable warmoth neck and one of my 69s has a warmoth neck as well as being refinished with a pickup swap etc.
  8. There only appears to be one tele body now and not 3? Wide range buckers and dog ear p90s are a welcome addition. Never had a guitar with wide range buckers. The variax will let me try it out.
  9. I tried that. Didn't help much. Problem is POD can do 512 patches and M9 I think 24. One would think they would make the two work together better considering the DSP power in current PODs or lack there of.
  10. Well. . . . mine is tele shaped but not a very traditional tele. Gotta say though putting the p rails on bridge rail and models on tele bridge, one through one amp say a deluxe reverb and the other through say a Vox, Morgan or DR Z, with some slap and verb. . . . . .pretty dang cool. I usually have the mags set to rail bridge and p90 neck for more country type tones. In the above I get a very cool twang sound, I have the model selector locked so when I switch to neck pickup, I get p90 neck on mags and still have tele bridge on models. Love it.
  11. Now that 500x is out, they need to allow 10 FX blocks as there is 20% more DSP. I currently use POD HD Pro only for effects so without amps and cabs more FX should be a no brainer. I run dual tones all the time so tend to add FX in pairs. Tron up left and tron down right, fuzz pi left and jet fuzz right. leslies left and pitch vibrtao right etc etc etc. Since simple things like volume and loop take up a slot this would also help that issue. More thought to acoustic stuff like preamps. Having it part of dream rig with JTVs and not having enough tools for acoustic sounds is a bit whacky. Amps: Matchless JCM 900 Clean In fact with just those two I would be thinking about a 2nd HD Pro and actually use the amp models. I really wish they would do a POD HD 1000 Pro with two of the newer DSPs so people could really create more complex patches without DSP issues. Charge $1,000 or whatever is needed.
  12. BTW, a USA JTV69 is about 4k and is a bolt on. I have seen lots of threads about changing necks on the 69, strings falling off neck etc. Far from a great neck. Also the USA JTVs come with korean made pickups. Five grand is a lot to pay for a guitar with korean pickups. . ..lol.
  13. Depends when you sell it. If you sell it years from now, and there is next gen "guts" available, both will sell for a fraction of what they cost. I am not worried about resale value as I never plan on selling. If I was, I would not have gone with purple;-) I always have that conversation with a co worker, he collects old gibsons as an investment but also plays. I say, I do the opposite, I get a guitar custom built for 4-5k and would be lucky to get 20% if I sell. As far as set neck, that was a disadvantage of the JTV 59 for me. I have seen a few people post that didn't dig the fatter type neck. I didn't, and also prefer 25.5 scale, SS frets, 1 11/16 and compound radius. I have had that tele for about 6 years or so and am extremely happy with it's sustain. I am not sure there is a real advantage to set necks.
  14. What body style warmoth? My old tele was a variax 500 xplant. Now has JTV guts from a 59, so I get the better playabity and JTV sounds. . .hopefully soon in "HD". . . .lol Untitled by toasterdude, on Flickr
  15. Oh yeah and mine is double bound with a bound neck. . . . lol. . .
  16. Well almost done in the pic. It was just awaiting final setup, back covers and truss rod covers when I took this crappy pic with my iphone. Coincidentally I was on sweetwater site today and saw a JTV59US for $4,899. Ouch. To get this baby was: JTV59 donor $1300 from before prices went up. Warmoth body $1155 Warmoth Neck $708 Custom shop P Rails $380 Labor and set up about $400 duncan triple shots $30 Total was $3,973 or $926 less. Plus I have a LP "copy" body and tyler designed pickups to mess around with. When JTVs first came out I caught some slack for buying a perfectly good guitar only to rip it's guts out. On the other hand if someone had the bucks for a US model, all was good. . . .lol. If I am spending "big bucks", I would rather get exactly what I want, with neck specs that I love, scale length I prefer etc, and have enough left over to buy a used 69 off ebay! Heck if I sold the "gutless" 59 donor as a LP copy, and got 400- 500 for it I am close to having enough for a 59P goldtop. JTV-LP-Xplant by toasterdude, on Flickr
  17. Reason I am asking about what you are running through is if the 89 does coil splitting and you are using a POD using both models and mags at the same time sounds very cool and since only half the palm muting sound is coming from the models, it is often enough for me to be happy with palm muting. I have p rails on all my JTVs so I can get a singe coil rail sound and it is the rail further from the bridge so less ice pick. Pretty much the only time I don't run mags and models at the same time is when I want purely acoustic or alt tunings.
  18. Luckily the GF gets almost as excited as I do when I get new gear. The fact that I will soon have 6 JTVs doesn't bother her at all. Nor does the expense of transplanting most of those JTVs. . . .lol. . .
  19. Supposedly the JTV tone pots are set up a bit strange. I have seen posts where people say the tone put full up has more bass than a typical full on tone pot, I play with tone on 10 all the time so have not noticed that all that much, and I pretty much never use strat bridge pickup alone either on real strats or JTVs. In fact I am pretty sure I overwrote the stock strat bridge model with something else I rarely use. . . lol. What are you running the JTV through?
  20. Wireless VDI would be a dream come true. It is high up on the ideascale site for JTVs.Wireless VDI would be a dream come true. It is high up on the ideascale site for JTVs. The only bummer of using the JTV with both mags and models and POD control, is not being able to go wireless. What part of Brasil? I am heading to Sao Paulo for two weeks in august. Last year I stayed in sampa for 3 months. I miss Fogo De Chao, Barbacoa and Jardinera!!! I will be in town for Bourbon Street Music Festival and am staying in Moema so will have a good time!
  21. I use a combination of stock models and ones I customized in workbench: Stock: tele bridge Tele middle Strat pos 2 Strat pos 4 Strat neck LP goltop bridge LP custom neck and middle Gretsch middle LP junior bridge LP junior neck LP junior middle Semi bridge Jazzbox neck p90 Jazzbox neck humbucker acoustics sitar Custom: Tele filtertron bridge Tele filtertrons middle tele thinline p90 neck tele with tel bridge and filtertron neck in mid position tele with tele bridge and minihum neck tele with dearmonds middle Strat with mini hums pos 2 LP with PAF and a minhum stacked directly on top wired in series for a fatter sound LPcustom neck LP filtertron bridge Semi with mini hum in neck. . .a favorite Semi with mini hums middle
  22. This doc should help determine which of your FX are summing to mono. http://line6.com/support/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/2099-102-1-4356/Stereo%20Preserving%20FX%20%28HD500%29.pdf
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