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  1. If you do not have an fx loop return or power amp in jack on your amp,you can use the clean channel of your amp and set all eq settings to a 12:00 flat position,you can also use the aux cd/mp3 input if you have this on your amp that will bypass the preamp section in your amp and is something like running your signal path through the fx return loop and or power amp in that are on other amps that have these fx loop jacks.
  2. Arislaf,where did you buy your pod hd desktop from? I bought one about 3 weeks ago from sweetwater that was new at a closeout price for $199.99! i thought that was a great price because they were originally selling for $400.00,i still seen a few used ones at musicians friend selling for over $300.00!
  3. I just bought a pod hd and my problem is when i saved a factory preset that i edited to the user 1 location that was 1A the preset that i renamed was saved to this location but it does not show any amp model or effects in hd edit and i cannot see any of my amp models or effects that i used to create this patch but the edited tone i created is still there? Can anyone held me get my amp and effects settings back so i can see them again in hd edit?
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