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  1. I loved the C profile neck on my 300 and don't like the 1957ísh, Les Paul profile on my new JTs 69, although it id quite playable. But then, the set up makes italmost unusable.
  2. The setup on my new 69 is akin to, but not as good as, the setup on the Kay Speed Demon that I got for Christmas in 1965. The nut does not seem to be set up at all, just notched. The strings are so high that it is impossible to play chords, down on the neck, in tune due to the distance the strings have to travel to hit the frets. And, even though the strings are so high I still get major buzz on the G string. It looks like I am going to have to drive 60 miles to have my guy set it up and do the frets. With gas (60 miles x4) this will cost me $100 easy. I had a Variax 300 that played like a dream. I hear all this stuff about James Tyler fit and finish, which I agree with, but the set up on mine makes it impossible to play in tune and the buzz makes it useless on all acoustic recording.
  3. When I try to open Workbench HD in Windows 7, I get "Could not init JNILoader". What's wrong?
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