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  1. hey... i just expirienced one more problem with my m20d. it seems that monitor "a" dies after 20 minutes of playing. the cables have been checked and the active monitors run very fine on all other monitor outputs of the m20d. suddenly, without any reason, the signal is back on but much too loud and the feedback destroys the running song. this is not cool!! after updating the system to the actual firmware the "screenfreezings" seem to be away but now i got that monitor problem instead. anybody else experienced that problem? since the device is more than 1,5 years old i guess i will have no chance to get it repaired within the guarantee-period. and i'm not willing to pay hundrets of bucks for crappy software-workings. sorry.
  2. i did a full factory reset on my m20d. i'll give it one more try before i return it to the dealer.
  3. i experienced nearly the same problem while we played on new years eve. suddenly the whole m20d freezed. no more main-output. after an hour the monitors had no more output. i had to reboot the system twice this evening while the crowd was waiting. that is no fun!! back at home i did a reset to factory settings. i hope this will fix the problem. btw: the problem occured the first time AFTER i updated the unit to v.1.20 maybe there is a bug or something?!
  4. hi. i experienced this kind of problem in the past once before. at new years eve we had a show and all worked fine so far. suddenly the main outs of the m20d muted without a cause. the indicators on the display showed that the audiosignals worked as they were supposed to do. i had to reboot the system an all worked fine again. 1 hour the touch screen showed no reaction. after a reboot all was fine again. what the f***k is the problem? is it a software problem? please help me. we have more shows to play in the near future! i just don't want to miss my m20d! btw: the problem occured after the mixer was not used for a longer time. meanwhile it remained in a case in my appartment. warm and dry. software update? factory settings? any suggestions?
  5. hey. thanks for the fast replies. i'm running 10 channels at the moment. all without reverb or any other fx. i guess the m20d should handle that! and yes... the machine is up to date! :-)
  6. hey. tonight we're playing a gig. last night we did soundcheck and suddenly my m20d freezes and the sound from the main-speakers vanished. the monitors were still working. i noticed that the main-output signal on the display stayed all the way up and didn't come down again. as i turned off the m20d and then turned it back on the problem was gone and everything was allright again... i don't use any usb-connections or sd-cards or wireless devices such as ipads or stuff. maybe this has been a one-time-issue... did anyone else have this problem? i really hope that it won't come back during the gig!!!! I'M AFRAID!!!! :-D
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