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  1. I bought the foam tube from Full Compass and installed it. No change. For some reason the unit thinks that the foot pedal is always in the heel position. I just saw another unit on eBay being sold for parts. It seems to have the same problem with the foot pedal. Maybe a weak spot in the design?
  2. Interesting: Fullcompass.com has this "Foam tube for Line 6 POD X3 Live guitar multi effects pedal". I don't remember seeing anything like this when I was just inside the unit. Is it possible that this tube surrounds the pedal position sensor and is necessary for it to work, and mine is simply missing? (I bought the unit used.)
  3. Just removed the bottom cover. No obvious problem with the pedal PCB (or anything else). Re-seated the ribbon cable from the pedal assembly to the main board, doesn't seem to have helped. The pedal status LEDs work but the pedal position sensor seems stuck in the "heel" position. The sensor is some kind of non-contact setup, maybe a Hall effect sensor?
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but I picked up a used Variax 300 recently. It was my understanding that you could set it up with different synthesized tunings, but the standard "Pilot's Guide" doesn't mention this. Am I wrong? Is there an "advanced user" manual that describes how to access extra features?
  5. POS support for a POS product. Line6 should be embarrassed about this ripoff.
  6. Thanks. I went through the pedal calibration procedure and it appears the pedal is non-functional. It acts like it always reports being in the heel position. This would explain why no sound comes out in Volume pedal mode, but does come out in Wah mode, and why pedal position has no effect on the Wah sound. Any tips on servicing the pedal components? I've got test equipment and solder!
  7. I bought a used POD X3 Live some time ago, but was never able to get any sound out of it. The outputs seemed completely dead—no hum, hiss, or anything. I just now reinstalled the latest firmware (not an update, just a reinstall) and I can finally get sound, but it still behaves very strangely. When I switch to patch A, B, C or D, the LED next to the pedal indicates Volume mode, but no sound comes out in any pedal position. If I manually click the pedal into Wah mode, sound comes out, but the pedal doesn't affect either the Wah or the Volume! I found some online discussion of problems with the pedal, but nothing definitive. Anybody know about this?
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