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  1. royp

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Excellent - that's the answer I was hoping for. I'm sold on this one - hope to get it soon.
  2. royp

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Does anyone have a concrete answer? Do send/return blocks count towards the 6 maximum simultaneous blocks allowed on HX Stomp? (if yes, it's unfortunate since that means one has to sacrifice available simultaneous internal effect block(s) to use outboard one(s)).
  3. royp

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Sorry for the repetition if this question is already answered somewhere: If I use the hx stomp fx loop blocks, do they count against the 6 block maximum within a given patch. - i.e. - if I connect outboard devices using OUT-L+R and IN L+R, and I want to use those loops fully within a patch, how many blocks will I have to use from the 6 available.
  4. royp


    No instant commands are active. I've also changed from 10 stomp switches to 8 thinking that may be the issue - but no change: Snapshot changes are generating stomp switch activation midi commands when no stomps are activated. I've checked again that all stomps are off initially in all snapshots. Have tried with and without editor running. I'm now running just one midi cable from Helix out to computer running midi monitor. Fyi - I'm on fw 2.6. Sure is looking like a bug to me unless it's this particular unit.
  5. royp


    To trouble shoot I'm only listening to the Helix through a midi monitor connected directly to Helix midi out. I've got no foot switches enabled (lit) but when switching snapshots in snapshot mode, I'm seeing midi messages indicating a foot switch has been turned on. It tends to be the same foot switch but it will vary from time to time. I've rechecked command center to confirm all my foot switches are set correctly (off) in all the snap shots. I've tried this with and without actual Helix effect blocks attached to the foot switch, and when blocks are attached, that the on/off state of all blocks is set to off in every snap shot. It seems like the initial foot switch values are not initialized somehow. I thought at one point it had to do with using 10 foot switches as foot switches 1 and 7 often seemed to behave this way (the ones revealed by 10 switih mode), but I gave up that theory when other switch started randomly generating "on" events with no lit switch. This is a B-stock unit - maybe it's defective if noone else seems to have this issue.
  6. royp


    Bought Helix recently and like it as a modeller but I also need it to do some midi control of external devices. I have set up 10 toggle midi stomps (stomp mode is set to 10 switches). I've also set up 8 snapshots with one or two of the stomps having bypass state varying across the different snapshots - pretty straight forward. Except I'm getting midi output that does not match the state of the corresponding Helix foot switch. When switching patches I'm seeing midi values corresponding to a "lit" footswitch when there isn't one. Also, sometimes when switching snapshots in snapshot mode, getting midi commands generated for a activated stomp when no stomp was pressed. I'm really tearing my hair out over this and ready to return the unit since generating midi consistently is essential for me. Anyone have any advice?
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