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  1. Heres a video of my band. Im using a jtv into pod hd500 direct into recording pa/recording interface. Also using a Fishman Tripleplay to drive some synths.
  2. One thing to consider is that piezo's can be problematic with Roland converters if you are attempting to use COSM modeling, and some are problematic with the midi conversion due to the microphonic nature of some piezo's. Not all piezo's perform equally. Piezo's have a wider frequency range than the magnetic GK pickups. If you want the best midi performance available right now, get a Fishman Tripleplay. It runs circles around Rolands current tech. FWIW ive used both vg99 and gr55 on my JTV's, and now have switched to the FTP.
  3. I still prefer the acoustics in the Acoustic 700 over any other variax acoustic emulations. Including the 'HD' one in the JTV's.
  4. I've rolled back my 69 to fw 1.9. I have a 59p on the way and will probably give fw2.0 another shot on that one. I may roll my 69 back to the pre acoustic HD firmwares as I prefer the more direct sound of those for live use.
  5. I would give it a 4 or 4.5 out of 5. Its tough to rate it because nothing else really does what it can do, with the exception of a vg99 setup (or possibly the Peavey Antares Autotune guitar). I have really played the daylights out of my Korean 69, and its not given me a single issue besides a very minor problem with string slippage of the high E string (something I adapted to fairly quickly). I don't have an issue with 'disconnect'. When using really dramatic alternate tunings, there is a slight degree of latency, but its very small, nothing compared to what you get from many Pitch to Midi systems.
  6. I have had good dealings with Hello Music. A friend of mine got a V-drum set from them that had an issue and they did right by him. I have purchased several items without issue. Sweetwater has a great rep, but my experiences have been less than stellar. I had a horrible experience buying a variax from them years ago. It came broken with a loose knob and dead piezo (so much for their 'inspection'). They had no others in stock to replace it and I therefore asked for a refund, which they agreed to give me minus all shipping costs. So I needed to send the guitar back on my dime, and I would be receiving my money back minus the $30 for the original shipping. Needless to say it didn't go down well. They eventually capitulated but only after arguing with a manager. I've never had any experience like that with MF regarding receiving a faulty product. In fact I once received a Godin from MF with a hairline neck crack, and they paid for the return shipping, and cross shipped a replacement immediately.
  7. As would I. There are things I like about the new firmware, but in several models I prefer the 1.9 variants. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/JT-Variax-Allow-user-access-to-all-replaced-models-in-workbenc/524926-23508 Theres alot of admiration of the Emperor's new clothes here.
  8. 'Support' using such language as "Meltdown rebuttal coming in ..." More hyperbole and misdirection. You speak out of both sides of your mouth within the exact same post repeatedly. Just when earlier you admitted to not knowing what you were talking about, and then mere sentences later went on to speak from that very same position (the one which you admitted knowing nothing about) as if you did. Its just old and boring now. I've attempted to keep this thread on track, the mod asked that be done, but you just want to play games and obfuscate. Happy Trolling. By all means keep bumping the thread to get the last word, its obvious thats what is important to you.
  9. I did, and still you find the need to get in snide remarks. I did this. Apparently reading comprehension is difficult for some here. Need I say more?
  10. For anyone who would like the option of having some of the older models available (Strat, 335, older pre 1.72 Acoustics), please see the following: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/JT-Variax-Allow-user-access-to-all-replaced-models-in-workbenc/524926-23508 This would give us, the end user, the choice in which models to use, and give us greater versatility. Only Line 6 knows how difficult from a technical/resource perspective this would be to add in a future firmware update, and whether or not they are hamstrung from a limited amount of memory in the units firmware making this request difficult to fulfill. As such, I would prefer that conjecture in that regard be left out of this discussion ... This is simply a feature request.
  11. I made a submission on Ideascale that you may agree with. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/JT-Variax-Allow-user-access-to-all-replaced-models-in-workbenc/524926-23508 This would allow us access to the removed models. I believe access to the 'old' models would allow greater tonal versatility, and for me, that's the point of the Variax.
  12. I do not own a 700 (electric) so I cant comment on that comparison, but compared to my variax 600, the JTV69 is much better build quality and design. I have played the daylights out of my JTV and haven't had a single significant issue in over 32 months of playing. I did have piezo problems on my Variax 300 and 600, and my Variax 700 Acoustic had an issue with its VDI Socket.
  13. The Masonite body is a good substitute when used with the Strat pickups. I also recommend folks drop the resistance on the Tone control to darken the sound more akin to the 1.9.
  14. The new strat sounds nothing like my actual strat. Obviously, like almost any type of guitar, there can be tremendous variation tonally between models from different years and specifications. However, 2.0 Strat sounds like it has a balsa wood body. I really do not care if its a more accurate 'HD' replication of the guitar they used. Let L6 know. Heres a topic I started asking for the capacity to load older models... http://line6.com/support/topic/2230-please-make-the-non-hd-models-available-in-workbench/
  15. So at this point you have nothing to add except using a mocking tone to again restate your position (which you admitted earlier was unfounded in any specific knowledge). You admitted you don't know what feedback line 6 has received pertaining to this update. I certainly have made no such claim that I do, nor have I claimed any such thing. But you continue to argue from the position that only a few are unhappy. Even if this is the case, I admitted earlier its not a fundamentally sound business decision to placate the desires of one or a few end users. But you dont have a clue that that is the case. Even if im the only one in all the universe with that opinion, its certainly my right to make a request of such. All you need to do, if you dont agree, is mind your own business. But you seemed somehow threatened and emotionally involved in the topic, to the extent that you are now trolling and bordering on mocking personal attacks. Its innapropriate. Im glad to see you admit that your poll uses loaded language. I suppose you were not confident enough in your position to make a poll using objective terms for choices, but instead felt the need to use loaded language. What is "HILARIOUS" is that at this moment in time, 50% of the respondents agreed with my request, even with your silly language.
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