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  1. Maybe the android app is on it's way. Besides, there's still the usb connector to hook up your pc / mac. I'm sure there'll be a software to edit the patches.
  2. Yes, too bad but it's not for us dt / pod / dream rig guys. Its a nice toy to play around and I might even buy one but I wished for something with VALVES in it :)
  3. Hehe, same thoughts here. How to transport it, how to mic it? One thing is for sure. It's a gadget.
  4. Ah forgot to mention: Since line6 only offers this strange video about the amp, maybe you want to have a look at this page: http://www.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/line-6-amplifi-150-test-preview.html It's german, but they did record three audio demos.
  5. I have to admit I thought it would be something more. Something like a new DT Amp but I do like the concept. This thing could be fun to play around with, being able to edit it with an iOS device is quite cool. I just downloaded the app for iPhone and played around a little bit. You can play around, see the list of different amps / fx / etc. Quite nice. I guess it won't be an "amp" for for though it will have its market but what I really would like to see is line6 offering the new cloud / community / upload/download environment for us existing pod/dt/ variax owners.
  6. Yes, stagescape direction sounds reasonable. Wouldn't be a bad thing to have FRFR considering the acoustic models of variax needing such thing. I really just hope that they will have pre and post tube sections included. I'm pretty sure it will also have line6 link and will be compatible with the existing PODs when they get a firmware update. They wouldn't completely renew the whole dreamrig leaving existing POD owners out.
  7. Yep there goes my last hope that they would fix the remaining issues.
  8. Honestly, everybody is starting to guess what line6 changed with this HD update. They give us this marketing message but what they should do is: just list what they did change. Somebody said the 12 string sounds better, another one said they didn't update them. So?
  9. Yes, you're right. My HD experience wasn't that smooth but as you said I'm happy, too, they released the HD update and let's just hope they' fix those issues with the PODs.
  10. Ok, now that I got that usb box to work I can connect to Workbench HD. Next problem: The usb-box does not seem to power the JTV, mags are working, variax part isn't. Seems like I have to use the battery that is currently not loaded. Hmm, maybe it's just me but having to use the usb box instead of my POD HD 500 brings nothing but problems to my "dream rig". Have to wait some hours until the battery is loaded to test the new stuff.
  11. aaaah THX that solved my problem!! I think that Information should be found in Workbench HD
  12. Thanks for the quick answer. The green light (usb-side) is constantly on but there is a red light blinking on the vdi-side. Monkey found the USB deviced and even let me update the Firmware (though the version was the same). Maybe the VDI cable is the problem but I just tested it with my hd 500.
  13. Hmm, this is great news. Problem is, the usb-connection-box that came with my variax does not seem to work right. The PC finds it but Workbench HD cannot find the variax. :(
  14. Just paid 136 EUR to have that small USB socket replaced......
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