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    Love the guitar and after 45 yrs of playing I still have a lot to learn, even if my overall speed is declining unless I really keep up the Practising.
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  1. Yes I have saved pieces of loops in PT and Logic, it's just those usually rare instances, when you are just I guess really learning the Helix as a Floor pedal, not connected to anything but a set of monitors. Sometimes you just hit on a really good loop and it would be nice at that point to plug the unit in, and record the Loop as a .wav/Aiff file. Is it possible to leave the looper playing and connect the Helix into a DAW safely?
  2. Always getting the most out of my equipment

  3. Well guitar-maniac amazing how quickly we forget the good old days when ears meant everything. Let's face it the guitar's basic design is inherently faulty. Man I hated pitch pipes. But it's all most of us had and we did just fine Great post mate
  4. Well when I consider what the Helix Can do, I find using the built in Tuner is just fine for me. Its when I am in the Studio that I need my Peterson or Boss. You can live with the built in tuner pretty well, onstage or messing around, plus you can enter offsets that might be more in line with your preferred tuning. I doubt too many people even musicians would notice a few cents off here and there. In the studio we have been using a Kemper Profiling system, that has a good tuner in it but as soon as someone else starts playing a particular guitar, they pretty much would still have to retune the guitar. We all hold every note in a slightly different way, plus if the room temp changes, so does all your Tuning. Personally I have never ever been able to keep any guitar right down to 0 cents offset for any time at all, and yes we have some really nice guitars. Yeah in the studio everyone has got to stay real close,Guitars, Synths even drums but that's one of the reasons, we use vibrato. keeps people's ears guessing :) I gotta agree with Charlie_WattI love my Peterson
  5. If the Helix can preserve a loop, under the conditions specified in the manual, the audio must be stored in some part of the Helix Memory. Would it be possible to have a mod to the editing App that would permit extracting the audio, or is he Ditto, Boss RC the way to go. I can see that for now this is he case, but a later date Maybe??
  6. Helix drivers

  7. Well well, this is a real drag, I will need most of my Core Audio Plugins especially anything associated with Digidesign (Avid). I am now at the very latest level of Yosemite OS X 10.10.3, and this is also following an update to fix some items in the .3 Patch. I use Varian guitars and 2 Pods in the studio and seem to be able to get them to run on systems, that don't have anything from Avid installed. However the Main Studio system which is a "Trash Can" Mac Pro, with 32 Gb ram 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, UAD Octo Avid HDX running on a Magma Tbolt Chassis. All that brand new and my ever reliable Line 6 gear simply does not run. Will try the Admin suggested approach again but so far no luck. No Line Monkey, is there any other way to download drivers for the Pod HD Pro and the Varian and do a direct install, possibly downloading the Workbench and other Apps as well
  8. What an update, took me a few mins to sort out getting JT recognized by Workbench HD, but that with the new updated models is like getting a super Christmas gift really early. With the quality of the JT and these new models, i am beginning to see dust forming on my Axe collection. No doubt about it, the JTV 89 USA has become my guitar of choice, I ma going to have to get the other model with the Tremolo arm as well though. :mellow: ;) :lol: :) :) :)
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