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  1. Hi Phil_m, Thanks, I see the (one) problem now. Strangely enough, I have footswitch 2 set up (in Command center) to select the next snapshot, that works. It must just be that the HX Stomp just doesn't receive the MIDI commands from command center, like you wrote. Short of doing the trick described above (cable MIDI out to MIDI in), do you know of any way to use footswitch 3 (or any footswitch for that matter) as Stomp 3 in some presets and as Tap in other presets ? Regards, Tobias
  2. Hi there, everyone. I hope you all are healthy and had a good winter holiday and a smooth transition into 2022 ! I recently bought a HX Stomp. I use footswitch number 3 as Stomp 3 (set up in "Global settings") so footswitch 3 doesn't do tap tempo or access the tuner. For some presets I'd like to have footswitch 3 work as tap tempo for the delay time. I set up my delay time to 1/1 notes. In the Command center I set footswitch 3 to send MIDI CC , set the CC# to 64 and the value to 127. Still the delay time doesn't react to the tap tempo. If someone could tell me what I'm missing/doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Regards, Tobias
  3. Hi rd2rk, OK, thanks for the clarification. I might have to wait until the stores are open again to try an HX Stomp and to see if what I have planned is feasible. Have a nice day, cheers, Tobias
  4. Hi rd2rk, Thanks a lot for your fast reply. Ok, so as far as MIDI goes: My phone can send MIDI messages, I'll then have to test whether the HX Stomp is compatible with the cable. Expression control: I want the volume pedal to be first in the chain and to affect both paths equally. I was hoping to not have to use a volume block, but to assign the expression pedal to the parameters of the split block to control the level of the signal going to both paths. But unfortunately that doesn't seem possible, right? The manual unfortunately is not detailed enough in so many ways. Thanks again for your answer. Have a nice weekend, cheers, T
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all healthy and doing OK in these difficult times. I'm considering buying the HX stomp and have 2 questions: 1) Is it possible to control snapshot select, preset select , tuner select etc. via MIDI through USB (USB OTG-cable) through an Android-phone ? 2) Is it possible to place an A/B split first in the signal chain and control the volume going to both paths with an expression pedal (Line 6 EX-1) and to do volume swells this way? I know the panning between path A and B with an expression pedal is possible, but I want to do volume swells (both paths simultaneously) this way. Thanks in advance . Have a nice day, T
  6. Thanks, zolko60. That feature might just mean that the Helix is an option for me. I'll see what NAMM and the next software update will bring. Have a good Sunday, everyone. Cheers, Tobias
  7. Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a smooth transition into 2019! One more question, this time about looper playback when switching presets: If I make sure that the looper block is always placed in the same path , is looper playback seamless when switching presets or is there a short interruption? Thanks in advance, Tobias
  8. Thanks a lot for the information, zolko60, soundog, and Ed_Saxman. Good to hear that it is possible, my tabet is OTG-capable, at the moment I'm controlling a Zoom MS 50G with it. @Ed_Saxman, since my controllers obviously need to be preset (/patch) -specific, how can it be arranged that the app knows which preset/patch I select on the Helix? Or do I need to always select the preset/patch from the app? My app can send CC, PC messages etc, but doesn't include e.g. sliders. Does anyone have recommendations for an android-app? Thanks in advance, cheers, Tobias
  9. Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a great couple of days. I'm considering buying a Helix floor or LT. Is it possible to control effect status and parameters like delay mix, feedback, and reverb Mix level (reverb on a parallel path) via MIDI? I was planning on connecting an Android tablet via a USB-OTG cable and sending MIDI messages to set those parameters (3 reverb settings for 1 algorithm, 4 delay settings for 1 algorithm). That way I'll have the footswitches for other effects. I'd also like to switch certain effects on and off via MIDI from the tablet. Is this possible? What would the requirements for the Android app be? Thanks in advance, cheers, Tobias
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to add this: I'm not posting on this forum (Unless I have questions. I've been using the M9 for years, but there are so many other people far more knowledgeable than me on that subject) or The Gear Page, but I'd just like to thank Frank Richotte, Digital Igloo, and all the Line 6 expert members ( Phil M comes to mind, silverhead in this thread) for sharing their knowledge. Cheers, Tobias
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for all the information. Craig, yes, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for testing. I'll see what I can come up with as a new rig, it's a pity that the spillover isn't seamless, but I expected that. Regards, Tobias
  12. Hi Kylotan, Thank you very much for your reply. That is good news. Do you also happen to know if the short gap (momentary interruption in sound) that occurs when switching presets will also occur in the signal sent from the external device to the effects return of the Helix? Regards, Tobias
  13. Hi everyone, I am considering purchasing a Helix Floor/Helix LT to replace most of my current rig. At the moment I'm running 3 multi-effects units in parallel. If I were to place a delay, looper, or multi-effects unit in one of the effects-loops, is there an option to have spillover , so that the trails/loop get carried over when switching to a new preset? I am aware of how snapshots work, but I am asking specifically about preset switching. I know the trails of the built in delays cannot be carried over, the internal looper can keep playing if placed in the same path. Edited to add: Apparently there is spillover in this case (thank you for your answer, kylotan). Does anyone know if the spillover of the trails of the external device will be seamless or if it will be affected by the momentary silence caused by preset switching? My apologies if this question has been answered before. Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge. Regards, Tobias
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