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  1. Zoli71

    Creaking pedal

    What about applying WD40 ?
  2. Ohh, Thanks! This is a valuable answer! I realized that EXP2 is the default. Actually, this preset I bought. Here the EXP1 assigned to the volume block. I will report this. Thanks again mate!
  3. Yes. In my chain the second block is a volume block as you described.
  4. Ok, This is the 3. time. No sound output again!!! My guitar is in my hand and no sound at all! What a terrible situation! I I remarked that in the two last case I used the same preset. I know this is unacceptable in the first place, but can it be caused by a preset? I have found an interesting post about this error here.
  5. Hi! I'm a new Helix owner. I have my Helix just about a week ago and I experienced 3 issues. This is a minor issue. The Helix application runs on Windows 8.1 but sometimes it does not see the Helix device (disconnect) even if it was recognized earlier. I need to turn off then on the device. This issue I have experienced yesterday. Actually, this is a one-time occurrence so far, but remarkable. Why I was playing the Helix froze. The sound that was dialed in worked but I couldn't do anything with the Helix. None of its buttons worked nor of its menus. I needed to turn off and on. This is the biggest concern about the device. I run into this issue yesterday and today also. The Helix stopped its audio output! Switching another preset back and forth solve the problem. This is a terrible issue! This is not a cheap device at all! Sorry, but I don't have time to read all the comments here about this. Guys, would you tell me if this is a hardware issue or firmware? My Helix runs the latest firmware (v2.12).
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