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  1. I am wanting to know how much memory you have? If you are loading 3rd party IRs and two amps, how much DSP would you have left for effects? I am hoping you can load two 3rd party IR's, two amps, Reverb, Delay 1, Delay 2 Chorus, Phase, Flange, Leslie, univibe, drive pedal, and tremolo. This way you can turn on or off effects as you need them per preset. It would seem to me that if you have 4 stereo lines and only using one of them that you should be able to do this. I do not understand why you can't use a fast Pentium Processor that is quad core. It seems like we are fine tuning modelling but just need 3 times the Processor and Memory to be able to load any configuration you want. It would be nice to set up four amps, 20 ms apart. That would be thick and sound like reamping live. I have a Helix on order and just wanting to know just how much I can load without an error message. Just give me some kind of idea. I saw that Tiger Sharc supports adding memory. Can you do this with Helix? We all want more power. Thanks
  2. It does not do custom scales only interval harmony, which will not work most of the time. Vote on Custom harmonies on all twelve notes in Ideascape.
  3. Everyone needs to vote on custom scales for all twelve notes of the scale. You can also do the harmony by creating two presets with two different interval and switch between the two. The question is can you switch back and forth quit enough. Boss and Fractal both support custom scales in their units and for over 5 years.
  4. I try to do the math on everything 45 amps verses 200 200/45 =4.44 no tone matching, scenes, xy change, custom scales on harmonizer more real estate on controller, Axe FX appears to have better digital effects. Here is where the Helix wins with me The interface, ease of programming, Helix has better analog stomp boxes by far. The clean sounds are good. Do not care for the Plexi. That would go to Friedman HBE model. I use to have a 50 watt Marshal Plexi and it was to die for. Not the tone in the Helix on the video. I really like the Engel amp model, but only got to hear solos. Don't know what chords would sound like The last video Paul did he played every sound in Drop D. I play one song a night in drop D. What users want with demos is not talking and go through all amp models and effects in standard key. I ordered the Helix and cancelled my order because of unknowns and I have not played through one yet. To me The Engel is the only modern high gain amp so far. This unit has a lot of potential, but from what I have seen so far is only worth $800-$1000 with you having to pay for add-ons when compared to Axe FX. I could be way wrong. I may play through one and freak out. When they come out with Helix 2, I would bet you won't be able to get the tones back into Helix. One thing I like about Kurzweil Keyboards is that you can load any sounds from or to prior keyboard. Helix has a lot of memory and this should never happen for many years. I would be really pissed to get a Helix and never get the amps I want and then Helix 2 come out and they are there but you can't put them in Helix. Memory was an issue before but with this unit would alienate a lot of customers to not be able to get Helix 2 sounds in Helix. The bottom line, I will wait until the unit comes out and go to Guitar Center and see first hand.
  5. I agree with not needing 200 amps. The problem is the 5 or 6 amps that I really want is not in there. I am also sure most want different amps than me. That is probably why the Axe FX has 200. I have been playing professionally for a real long time and do not like sounding the same on every song. I use to be a tube purist, but you have 3 fantastic sounds and locked into that. Modelling is almost equal with the latest technologies.
  6. So will it also see external controllers and the learn still work? I was also wanting to see if the harmonizer would allow you to do 12 custom notes. It states that it is an Eventide 910. I had that unit and it would do that.
  7. At a $1500 price point and only 45 amp models with none of my favorite amps, I would expect to get new amps free with new firmware. My favorite amps are Friedman HBE 100 Bogner Estacy all channels Diezel H4 Mesa MK5 all channels and switches It might take buying several amp packs to get my favorites later on, provided you even model them. I think I understand. You only have 45 amps to Axe FX 200 or so amps. You are trying to play catch up on Amps and you chose a price point 60 percent of what an Axe FX is. By the time you pay for add ons, it will cost what an Axe FX does. It will take you years to do 200 amps and then want to charge for them. By the time you catch up, this unit will be obsolete. Buy an Axe FX and it is only outdated when you want more DSP Power. All their updates are free. I think you guys are taking the wrong approach. It is cheaper to pay $2500 and always doing updates free. Every five years or so big DSP jumps are made and then you will have to upgrade. So what happens when you come out with Helix 2 and better models? Will you be able to update your Helix with Helix 2 models? I don't want to buy something that is going to be obsolete in 3 years when you come out with a new model. I can understand updating DSP, but once you get into this price range, you will lose a lot of Customers if Helix can not get Helix 2 sounds and effects. All of us get it with the $500 HD 500X. Every three year a new unit that makes the old unit not forward compatible. You guys really need to think this one out.
  8. I am hoping this is not the final version of the manual. Where are the amp and effects parameters of each amp and effect? Where are the midi cc for delay on/off, delay repeats, Reverb on/off, reverb size and such? I would be using two controllers to turn effects off and on, and two controllers to control delay intensity and Reverb amount. I would use Helix switches for presets only.
  9. I use to have an Axe FX and it is a great unit. From what I have heard from the Helix, hardly any of my favorite amps are in there. The ones that are there seem good. It is really subjective when I have never played through one. What I have heard from the videos, all the analog stomp box are far superior than the Axe FX. Did not hear enough digital effects to be subjective. Another Helix good point is editing at the feet without having to buy another controller. It is hard to play catch up to the front runner with the number of effects, number of amps and cabinets, tone matching, and deep editing. Here is the problem I have with Axe FX. 2500 for the unit and 700 for the controller, 700 for a poweramp. That is $3900. I do love the real Estate on the controller. The ultimate to me would be 24 switches and two continuous controllers. Once line 6 incorporates more amps and effects, more switches, and has tone matching, I think it will actually be better. The design is already better, but it is hard to play catchup with someone that has be leading so many years. Line 6 states that it takes one month to do one amp model. By the time Helix catches up with Axe FX now, where will Axe FX be then. The best thing about Axe FX to me is all their updates are free. I am not seeing Line 6 doing this.
  10. The great thing about Axe FX and Kemper is that all firmware is free with new improvements, amps and effects at no cost. These units five years ago, you can still get the latest firmware. When they do come out with a new unit, it will have more memory and stuff like that. I can understand paying for models and new effects with a $500 unit, but not a $1500 dollar unit. If I spend $1500 for this unit, I don't want to be charged for more amps and effects. I have watched every video on the Helix. It has strengths and weakness points. To me Helix wins hands down on Stomp Boxes, expecially The Univibe. Helix wins again at ease of programming. I am waiting for the unit to come out and so a head to head on amp models. I would say that everything is close on amp models. Axe FX I think has the edge on digital effects, the amount of effect, and the amount of amp models. All my favorite amps are in the Axe FX. The last thing is Tone Matching. Tone matching is nothing but a spectrum analyzer looking at the eq of your desired tone, then looking at the tone you have, then matching it eq wise. That is not rocket science. One effect that I love on the Axe FX is the Multi-delay. Talking about atmospheric tone. With all this being said, I think Helix can surpass it two biggest competitors once they catch up with quantity of amp models and effects. I know that it is a new unit and it will take a year to catch up.Helix is on the floor, better interface, to die for analog stomp boxes, and easy to program. Please don't take the route of making customers pay for updates with new models, effects, and fixes.
  11. The bad thing about this is that most people put ten models down to model and there may be one or two that most like, but see the one that they want and vote for it. I think the rules need to change to one amp model at a time or one effect unit at a time per submission. I have voted on several that had 10 amp models in it, but really maybe wanted two out of 10. This would be better for Line 6 and people wanting certain amps. I voted for 10 Fender amps and you really have enough Fender amps, except for the newer higher gain ones. I would be satisfied, with just 4 more at the moment. Friedman BE 100, Mesa mkV, Bogner Estasy and Suhr PT100. If I could only have one, then it would be the Friedman.
  12. My favorite players blends tasteful licks with speed. I love a melodic player that has speed burst. That is the best of both worlds. I love old Dream Theater and not so much their new stuff. John in 90's would play a moderate speed melodic lick then play blistering burst in between some of the passages. Tom Quayle is an excellent player. He does this well.
  13. It would be nice to know what amp models and effects will come next. When you start working on new models and effect post coming soon. I understand people vote and you take ideals from there. As soon as you choose what you are working on post it as coming soon. Please do a Friedman BBE 100 Model soon.
  14. The Helix states that it will do one harmony with model of Eventide H3000. I had this unit. There are two ways to do this. One is intervals like Jose said and the other and best way when it works is to program user scale and program all 12 notes. As long as the harmony you are playing does not repeat the same note with a different interval, this is the best way. No one wants to push a button in the middle of a solo to change a note unless absolutely necessary. User scales is not actually using a scale, but just selecting the key, then user assigning each 12 notes of the harmony. I have found this works for most harmonies. My band plays Mademoiselle by Styx. It does change keys and scales in the middle of the solo. You have to do what works best.
  15. I can understand an HD500X or a GT100 charging you for new effects and new models. It is a reasonable price point. Here is my fear: To buy a Helix and in two years stop updating the unit with improvements. I understand new units containing more memory and more efficient. This is one thing that is good about an Axe FX and a Kemper. They constantly giving new updates for even 5 years down the road for free. When they do come out with new units, it is more memory, more power and something like that. Both companies constantly update models and effects for free. That is taking care of your customers. What will be you policy on this new expensive unit? When you triple the price of the HD500X, that should mean this unit will continue to update with new models and effects at no cost like the AX FX and Kemper, Would you please explain what your policy will be on this unit. Where this unit kick all the other units is how accurate all the stomp boxes are. The weakness of this unit is the number of available amp models. My favorite amp of all time is The Friedman BBE 100. This and the Suhr amps are the very best modified Plexi sounds. The Bogner Ecstasy is not there. The Mesa mk5 is not there. Don't get me wrong. I know this is a new unit with all new models and it takes about one month to do one model. I have seen several people wanting the Friedman Brown Eye 100 here. What would be a deal breaker for me is to charge $99 for just the Friedman amp pack. What will your policy be?
  16. I have a Strymon Timeline delay and would like to see some of the features of this unit put in the Helix. It has Multi Delay that also ping pongs across the stereo spectrum. This is good for rhythmic patterns and also and for lush pallet for clean chords. Another effect in this unit is a swell. You play a chord and it does an envelope and what you are playing gradually comes in. It is adjustable how fast and long the swell comes in. The Axe FX 2 XL has a multi delay that is to die for also that gives several variation multiple delays happening at one time. It would really be nice to use the Helix and nothing else except expression pedals. It takes me an hour to set up now. I do not have a wired pedalboard.
  17. I would like to see intelligent pitch harmony with with two harmonies against the root note that all 12 notes of the scale is user assignable. It appears that you have an Eventide H3000 twin harmony now. I am assuming that it has the user assignable 12 notes like the original unit. Three would be even better. Queen has several songs that solos turn into orchestrations and sounds fantastic.
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