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  1. I have also had some noise issues. The phenomenon you describe in that the noise is worse when you do not have contact with the strings, may be due to lack of grounding in the system. The Line 6 power supply has only 2 poles and no ground contact (At least the EU version). I use a Yamaha mixer that is not grounded either. Something that improved the situation for me was to connect a couple of studio monitors with grounded contacts to the mixer. Otherwise, as it is said here, there is always some noise in high gain amps and effects, and then you need to use noise gate. Another issue about noise. I bought a TC Electronic Hypergravity mini compressor pedal and tried it in the effect loop (Since four effects can be a bit limiting). There it made a lot of noise, but not if I put it in front of the POD. And (also mentioned above here): a guitar with single coils can make more noise, especially if it is not shielded with copper foil or similar in the cavities inside.
  2. If you are in the UK: http://www.gear4music.com/Books-DVD-and-Sheet-Music/Line-6-UK-DC-3G-Power-Supply-for-POD-Series/MZB :)
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