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  1. Where are Global Settings saved? They do not seem to be backed up in Bundles when using the Helix App. If restoring from a Bundle after a Factory Reset, do all Global Settings have to be returned to their user settings manually? does this apply to Global EQ and its settings?
  2. cacibi

    Lead boost

    Navigate to the Mixer block at the end of your signal chain. Press and hold the knob for Level to assign to footswitch. Adjust parameter level for desired footswitch boost level. Save to preset.
  3. cacibi

    Lead boost

    Or you can do the same with the output mixer volume at the end of the chain. This is nice if you want absolutely nothing to change but the volume (true clean boost).
  4. Alright - I made my first combination IR today and thought I would just start off by doing the same cabinet with multiple microphones to see if I could give myself some better options for the stock cabinets. In other words - trying to work up a better Twin cabinet for the Twin, Bassman cabinet for the Bassman...etc. Before I get into combining cabs too much. Anyway - hope to load it up tonight and give it a shot. I'll post it if it's any good.
  5. Jazzinc - one follow up question. Are there any guidelines for the IR length? The MixIR2 manual talks about IR length for Fractal but that's kind of it. I don't even know what the max length is for Helix - or if there is one, or if the IR is over - if it just truncates the wav file to the max length. I notice the Ownhammer IR's I have come in 200 or 500ms and I'm pretty sure I have loaded some of the 500ms IR's onto my Helix. No issues that I noticed but again - maybe it just cuts them off at an earlier time. Thanks
  6. I have, have the Thiele with EV-12L from Ownhammer and a bunch from Redwirez. I think I have a good selection now to start mixing. Just need to solve a small DAW problem and then should be good to go.
  7. Wow - thanks very much for that info. I have to say - your ears and mine are on the same page with regard to mic selections, position and distance.
  8. Thanks for sharing. My only question, on that first thread you posted, is the sample rate. He describes setting it up as 24bit, 44.1k - but the Helix manual states 48k
  9. Just a question about this step: "1.Open a blank session and click on "setup" then "session" change the bit rate to 24 and make sure sample rate is at 44.1 kHz" Helix manual states: "Helix can load and store up to 128 IRs at a time. 48kHz, mono, .WAV type IRs are supported."
  10. I'll start by saying thanks for sharing that IR and for your responses. That's the best the Helix has sounded so far (using your IR). I downloaded the Redwirez software and I'm just wondering if you can talk about your workflow creating the mixed IR. I can only use it in Garageband so I'm assuming you just use the amp model of choice, dry into the DAW track and then model the combined IR from there; but just kind of wondering how you setup up that DAW signal path for best results. I don't want to get too much into cabinet choices, distances, combinations - unless you'd really like to share :-) Seems like there is some good starting information in the app manual. Many thanks
  11. cacibi

    IR Management?

    During this time of pain and woe, of multiple backups, of restoring from bundles after crashes and factory re-sets....I begin to wonder about the best way to manage IR's. When I save or re-load as a bundle, no IR information is stored. So when I re-store from a IR's are re-loaded. As separate files, I can understand why they aren't saved or managed by the Helix application. However - it makes it quite interesting if you have a lot of IR's to get them back in the right slots for the preset. I believe I read somewhere else where numbering was not an option (can't seem to find that post now). For the moment - I'm not adding anymore IR's - that way I can just drag and drop them from the Finder on my Mac in the order they are stored there - and that's the order I'm working with them in on the Helix. But as it gets more stable, I really hope there's a more effective strategy for re-loading the IR's with a bundle.
  12. Did you use the Redwirez mixIR2 software to do that?
  13. Jazzinc- I'd really be interested to now where you got the IR you used in your preset. Thanks!
  14. I think this is implied in the qualifying language from the manual stating that not all rates can be set to note value/tap control. However, the answer to the question: "Do you want a component based Trem model that does not sync to tap tempo or an algorithm that does?" is: BOTH!
  15. Nope - I was a bit shocked too. Vote for it on Ideascale:
  16. When I dowloaded the Preset it had both a .hlx and .txt extension; I haven't tried it yet but - assume I need to clear the extra file extension.
  17. Sugru? You can always remove it - just takes some gentle scraping
  18. Yes I know, it doesn't work on all effects. Try it on the Optical Trem - it doesn't work. It says right in the section you quoted: "Not all Rate parameters can be synced to note values as they may be non-linear and highly interactive."
  19. Line 6 has been incredible about communicating on this product across multiple forums online. So much so that there's a LOT of information within those forums to digest and it would probably take too long to go through and realize they have already addressed and are working on this. Of course they want their products to work well together. I think rather than assume the worst, it makes the most sense to post a question because - they have been really good about responding. A lot of the faith I have in this platform and my decision to invest has been based on the incredible support and obvious thought/testing that has gone into it. I continue to be encouraged by the two firmware updates that have already been released. It's already an amazing machine and it's only going to get better.
  20. Added to Ideascale:
  21. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to set the Optical Trem speed to a note/tap value?
  22. You just described every lady I've ever known....
  23. Gentlemen, gentlemen....a lady takes time to get ready for the evening.
  24. They're probably posting it now.
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