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  1. its my guess they wont work...Windows 10 wont even play youtube videos for me correctly. I hooked up my guitar port yesterday. my patches will work and play through my studio monitors but, if I try to use the player to practice along with Mp3;s nothing....no sound of the mp3 and the player doesn't even start. I have not tried my podx3 live with it yet so well see..curse you bill gates and your fellow nerds,,give me Win95 back please
  2. you can use what I call the 2 or 3 cable method. plug your guitar into the guitar input of the x3live. connect the 1/4 inch out of the x3live to the FX return of your amp. if your FX loop is stereo connect both the L/R of the x3live to it. I WOULD NOT use the x3live fx loop to connect anything to your amp. seems alittle to complicated to fine tune with the pre/post and send return thing. I only use the fx loop of the x3live for 2 pedals I have (line 6 verbzilla, boss harmony)
  3. if you use both the xlr out to the PA and the 1/4 out to a amp BE CAREFUL!! the x3live has a preamp in it that can be too much for some amplifiers. I use my x3live at church run outta the left xlr at full master volume and it sounds great. when it tried this along with a 1/4 out to amp the amp really couldn't take well.
  4. Using X3 Live with Head or Combo

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