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  1. cornbread

    Podfarm, UX2, and Windows 10

    its my guess they wont work...Windows 10 wont even play youtube videos for me correctly. I hooked up my guitar port yesterday. my patches will work and play through my studio monitors but, if I try to use the player to practice along with Mp3;s nothing....no sound of the mp3 and the player doesn't even start. I have not tried my podx3 live with it yet so well see..curse you bill gates and your fellow nerds,,give me Win95 back please
  2. cornbread

    Four cable question

    you can use what I call the 2 or 3 cable method. plug your guitar into the guitar input of the x3live. connect the 1/4 inch out of the x3live to the FX return of your amp. if your FX loop is stereo connect both the L/R of the x3live to it. I WOULD NOT use the x3live fx loop to connect anything to your amp. seems alittle to complicated to fine tune with the pre/post and send return thing. I only use the fx loop of the x3live for 2 pedals I have (line 6 verbzilla, boss harmony)
  3. cornbread

    POD X3 Live into PA (Tips on Mixing?)

    if you use both the xlr out to the PA and the 1/4 out to a amp BE CAREFUL!! the x3live has a preamp in it that can be too much for some amplifiers. I use my x3live at church run outta the left xlr at full master volume and it sounds great. when it tried this along with a 1/4 out to amp the amp really couldn't take well.
  4. Using X3 Live with Head or Combo