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  1. I'm in the same boat as you guys, I use Snap/Stomp mode, so 4/4. I'd like to know how I can keep that, but add the functionality to what I have, not change it. Like, could I make footswitches 1 and 7 either a snap or a stomp, or preferably both of them stomps, without changing the entire footswitch mode? Also, is there any functionality where you could A/B, (or X/Y like Fractal), two snapshots with one footswitch? Edit: I was able to do this, but only from the 2nd footswitch mode on a preset, which, is okay, but, kind of not worth it for me, as I only need 1 or 2 extra footswitches more than what I have set up now, and only need them once in a long while.
  2. Fixed the issue, in case anyone reads this, (doesn't seem like anyone did, lol), I was still on the 2.50, so I updated to 2.54 and, no more issues.
  3. Okay, I can't seem to find an answer to this online. All of a sudden, my global settings aren’t saving. I had it set to snap/stomp mode, and 10 switches, but whenever I power it on now, it goes to preset mode and doesn't save the mode I previously set it to. Also, my Helix used to power up on the same preset it was on when powered down, now it just goes to 1A Factory Preset. The only thing I changed was, I was messing with the midi settings the other night, trying to get a midi foot controller I have, to talk to and control the Helix, so I may have changed a midi channel or preference, but that's it.
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