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  1. I still use the line 6 pod X3 bean, and Pod Farm for several years now. However, I will be upgrading amp/FX modelling before too long. The Pod HD500x was one of the top contenders due to its price:quality ratio. As well as its availability, features, popularity (for "community" support, and patches) But its not without its flaws, which is why I haven't done it yet. Its nice that Digitech is releasing something new soon. I started out with a Digitech RP300 back almost a decade ago, then later on a GNX2. (most amp models were meh, but it had a nice rectifier model, and a nice "acoustic" amp model that sounded good through my old Fender Stage 112 SE amp that I had starting out) But I am sure Digitech has updated there modelling, and FX quality once, or twice since then, and I hope they are doing it this time. Might go that route, especially if it can load custom IRs, and If it has the flexible routing I need. (as I just do home-studio recording) If Digitech can deliver yet another step up in quality/flexibility at a similar price point, then I will be even more glad I waited, although I also have my eyes on any real updates that Line 6 has in store to compete.
  2. X3 isn't the same quality tier as these amp models. I really want them to add a Mesa Boogie Mark V amp model for the HD lineup. I already sent a request for it. And maybe another Engl amp. And a 2nd Bass amp. I would be completely set on that.
  3. Ok I see there that it is unbalanced. Thanks for the info.
  4. I tried to find it before asking, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is the 1/4 Aux input Balanced, or Unbalanced? If it is Unbalanced would a balanced 1/4 going into it create any issues? Secondary question: Would the Regular guitar input on the 500x have any trouble taking a balanced 1/4 input, or would there be any issues? I am going to upgrade to one of these units for the studio in the near future, and these are a few things I would like to know. Thanks.
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