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  1. I've had a lot of luck lately with the model of the Roland Jazz Chorus that was in one of the expansion amp packs. In the past I had set the HD500 up with no amp model and it was okay, but using the Jazz Chorus model I get a fuller frequency sound. I think I dial the Variax volume back a touch as well so it doesn't distort.
  2. I've added a Fishman Triple Play to my JTV-59P. I use an iPad as the synth source. Because it is wireless, it doesn't get in the way at all.
  3. When I was using my HD500 the other day, it no longer showed the new amps from the amp pack. I launched Line6 Monkey and it said that my HD500 was not authorized. After a bit of troubleshooting I decided to reboot my whole system (rebooting the HD500 did not correct it). When my PC was rebooted, the new amps were available again:) At the time I encountered the issue, I had the HD500 on one USB port, my AudioBox 1818 VSL connected to another. I was using HD Edit while I was recording tracks in Studio One v3. At some point I disconnected the HD500 and plugged in my Axiom keyboard controller to add a keyboard part. It was after I was done doing that and plugged the HD500 back in that the problem appeared. So, Studio One must've held onto the USB port a bit.
  4. 51 here. I'm sure a lot of this is economically based. Wouldn't have been able to afford this gear in my band in the early eighties.
  5. I was referring to the cabinets and cabinet settings in the HD500, not a physical cabinet on your amp. Sorry for the confusion. Are you using the HD500 Edit program to edit your patch?
  6. Sounds like you're on the right track. I'm not that familiar with Periphery but in listening to your comparison, it sounds like there is a bit more low end woofiness in his tone. You might be able to get that by switching cabinets or adjusting some of the cab parameters.
  7. Thanks. I missed the system reset step. I mainly wanted to browse the new set lists to see if there is anything of interest. I've got a JTV-59P and a DT25. I've gotten away from the VDI cable because I tend to use a wireless setup, but it might simplify my between song steps with a Variax set.
  8. I purchased the new model bundle and it appeared to install correctly. While I see the new amp models, the set lists didn't load for me. So, I re-flashed and made sure to say no when it asked if I wanted to keep my existing patches. Still no new set lists. I tried this a few times with no success. Any thoughts? BTW, I mostly play clean and the new amp based on the Jazz Chorus is pretty amazing!
  9. Looking forward to the POD update and the new model packs!
  10. I'm able to switch really quickly. The hardest part is that I run the FTP volume at about 6 and so I have to try to get it half way up. If you don't mind lugging a laptop to the show, the sounds that Fishman include are really great. I've got the iPad on a iKlip holder attached to my microphone.
  11. Granding, While I really like the included sound libraries that came with the TriplePlay, I didn't want to lug a notebook to a gig. First I tried it out with my iPhone 6 and have decided to use an iPad Air instead. I downloaded SampleTank Free for IOS and purchased a nice Sonik sound library for $15. So here is my setup: JTV into Line 6 G30 Wireless. G30 into POD HD500. HD500 into DT25 via L6 Link cable (XLR). Triple Play is wireless to a USB stick that is in the camera kit cable on the iPad. iPad output to a Peavey Vypyr VIP 3. I've got it set to a bass amp model. On the Triple Play, there is a control that lets you navigate through your patches. There is also a switch that is guitar, guitar and midi, or just midi. I leave that as just midi. If I roll the volume on the JTV off, I still get the synth sound but no guitar coming from the DT25. The Triple Play also has a volume know which I roll off when I don't want synth. Most of the time, both are on but it does require you to pay close attention to your picking technique. If you just want to mute your strings on the guitar and do a chunka-chunka sound, you'll actually be triggering midi notes which doesn't sound very good. What also works out is for the songs that I use a JTV acoustic model, I just plug the JTV into the Peavey Vypyr and put it into acoustic amp model mode. It sounds really good in that amp. In the SampleTank software on the iPad, I've set the presets up in order to match our set list. I can switch to the next patch I need on the Triple Play. I have to be honest, it is a lot to think about during a set when you add in switching patches on the POD and activating delays, etc. on the POD via footswitch. I do have to stay focused on what I'm doing or things can go off the rails pretty quickly. All told it is sort of an expensive rig for a part timer, but it is loads of fun and has changed our sound immensely. Let me know if you need any more info. Brent
  12. I started with a POD 500, then about 6 months later added a DT-25. Then about a year later I added a JTV59P. I'd go for the JTV next. During a set, I use about 6 different guitar models including an acoustic model and use one extra tuning mode. The only downside with using the acoustic models in a Dream Rig setup is that getting a good acoustic tone out of the DT25 can be challenging. I've added a second amp on stage for just that purpose. I haven't tried one, but I'd also suggest you investigate the L2 or L3. Some people in this forum have had great success with them as well. To top it off, I just added a Fishman Triple Play to my JTV and it is a lot of fun. Now in addition to the guitar models, I can trigger keyboard and synth sounds at the same time. The 2nd amp that I use also serves as the amp for the Triple Play sounds.
  13. I think the flexibility of the JTV far outweighs the criticisms in this thread. I suppose if you are a solo performer where your guitar is the only instrument, you might have an argument. But in a real world band or recording environment (in a full mix), any tonal deficiencies are going to be hard to detect. I like that in our typical 11 song set I can have 11 distinctly different tones if I want to. Add to that the flexibility of the DT-25 and the HD500 and you have options that most non-touring bands can't afford to employ. I've got a Lonestar Strat and a Les Paul and while I do notice tonal differences between those and the JTV models, I much prefer having a single instrument on stage. As for the Spank tone, someone recently posted one that is far better IMO than the one that is in the 2.1 firmware. To each his own:)
  14. I've been using the NY XL's (10-46) on my JTV59P for about 8 months. They work really well. I've since moved on to try a few different brands like the Dean Markley Blue Steels. I think I'll ultimately make it back to the NY XL's.
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