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  1. that's great info! thanks for that....I wonder if it holds true for the XLR's as well??
  2. No Problem, I'll be here when they are done.. B)
  3. Hey Jim, Just curious if there has been anymore development on the Friedman cab...that IR with the Royer is really really good! thanks, Chappie
  4. Yep, I have to agree, I love my Helix. Absolutely love it. But the tuner is a mess Chappie
  5. Big Al is probably my favorite guitarist of all time. Just love his choices and out there phrasing at times. I honestly play nothing like him, but do love his tones through the years. I'll see if I can come up with something as well. If you have any breakthroughs let me know. Chappie
  6. I was able to briefly test the ir by replacing one of my other ir's in a plexi patch that I really like. It sounded good but was much brighter than what I had in the patch. I think I'll try it in a two cab setup when I get some time. Thanks for being the mad scientist of ir's!!!! Chappie
  7. I'll definitely give this a shot tomorrow....I just saw the post as I was going to bed. Thanks!!! Chappie
  8. This definitely works....did it just last night! Helix is so damn cool!!
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