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  1. Woooo, it worked thank you all! I was unsure wheather the ASIO options were at all affecting the procees first time round. Now I can be organised and "professional" and all with my recordings ^_^
  2. Thank you lads, I was pretty close by the sounds of things but was missing selecting the input after record arming in mono. Will try this tonight after work, thanks a bunch. B)
  3. Hello, anyboy have any luck recording a HELIX wet and dry signal on seperate tracks similtaniously in Reaper? I'm trying to get a dry siginal recording In Reaper via USB 7-8 but for the life of me can find how to select USB 7-8 in Reaper... :unsure:
  4. Yeah, they won a Golden God award a few years back, met them a few times, nice blokes, Stevic Is a bit of a unsung pioneer for the HD500 and Helix in recordings and live.
  5. You can hear some good examples here, tracks such as Oxygen, Stevic does a wonderful job with his Helix.
  6. I know Stevic from TFN used Pod HD and now Helix in their new album. Check out some of his sweet sample clips from jazz to heavy rock used in their songs.
  7. Dude are you serious?! That's amazing! I would throw money at you for something like that. Quickly before somebody else steals it and sells it to the music stores, if it hasnt already been done! :D
  8. Excellent info thanks Johnny Rokstar, so funny how current amp modelling tech is surpassing our wonderful equipment. Hopefully I will still find details in the valves I still enjoy just as much. :)
  9. Hey thank you very much for clarifying that from me, at least controlling the channels is something, I will try this out soon :)
  10. Aw much appreciated thank you :) I thought this might be the case with non MIDI capable heads. Hopefully I can work something out for the info you have given, Thank you! :D
  11. Greeting fellow Helix'ians, :D Sorry if this is a noob question but i'm completely confused :( I have an Engl PowerbaII II, Is it possible to use the Helix as a midi controller for my new cherished amp head or am I eternally doomed to purchase the overpriced z-9 controller from Engl and clutter my work space even more? I would love to use the Helix to control everything, or am I dreaming :( As far as I can tell the PBII has a 1/4 foot switch jack to control the various MIDI functions? Even just changing channels with the Helix would suffice for now. Is this below the answer I'm looking for? :wacko: Apologies again, I get a bit lost when it comes to MIDI connectivity.
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