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  1. Got to agree with crusty. If not wanting the cab aspect (miking and stage sound). Leave the Dt out or use a LT2. The pod can sound great solo. Even close to the dt sound but not 100 percent on. I use the direct out blended with an actual mic and have gotten great results but I want the fat tube sound.
  2. Biggest diff is the DSP. Delays and reverbs hit it hard. The new switches are better and more easily viewable in gig settings.
  3. As far as I know there isn't. However you can use any wireless guitar kit and L6 makes one hell of a good one. If not I've gone 50 feet with a cable. Be willing to bet 100 would be okay. Just remember length equals time delay.
  4. Hope I didn't screw up but think I did. I biased my tubes in the 25 watt low power mode inadvertainly. Does this affect the biasing process? Of course the amp was all put back together by the time I noticed. I did have the amp volume up and in class A/B mode. Set up for 36 mv, but dumb volume knob was pulled out. Please help really don't want to take amp apart again and hook probes back up.
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