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  1. Haha yeah hd700 that would be cool I have recently got to try axe fxii and it really does sounds good I wouldn't use a tone match live it would just be to play around with lol I still like my hd500 better for me than axe fx... not saying I'm not going to buy one for myself but it just wouldn't be practical to carry the rack and a separate foot controller to gigs or church.
  2. Im going to bump this topic because its just too cool of an idea not to find out lol maybe someone with line 6 will chime in
  3. Okay so one of the main reasons I was wanting a axe fx2 was for the new tone matching ability. I love my hd500 because it's convenient easy to set up and get great sounds I can pretty much asign the buttons to do whatever I want them to do. And with the axe fx I would have to carry a rack case and some kinda foot controller. So the line 6 hd500 beats that hands down for ease of use. Anyway back to the tone matching does anybody think this is a possibility with the hd500x? I really hope it would happen with a up date or something. Im listing my hd500 up for sale this week along with some other gear to get a hd500x lol
  4. Jeepjones85


    Just saw line6 Facebook update and they posted a pic of the hd500x im excited ! Lol yeah and I do hope they release a update for my hd500 lol
  5. I can try to answer your first question lol I found a video on YouTube about the pan knob trick and basically from the factory line 6 has the pan knobs panned hard left and right im not sure why but when I make a patch if I pan them both back to unity it seems to effect the tone, kinda makes it more punchy so if I like that sounds for that setting I'll leave it that way lol the only reason I think it comes set the way it does is for true stereo sound for like a ping pong delay. And for your second question I haven't really noticed the amps being real dark but I think I know what your talking about, usually I set up a parametric eq at the vary end of the chain just so my sound can cut through. I play a strat mostly so of course I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's patches and on his main tone I wrote his settings down for his eq settings and I apply that to most all my live patches. He actually is a studio engineer and he hd500 tone is phenomenal lol but thats player preference. As far as live playing I get the the best tone I can get at home as close to stage volume as possible without the police being called lol Then when we practice at church at stage volume I can tweak my tone from there. Bass mid and treble sound way different at louder volumes than at home. Like if you make a good sounding patch at home with just the right amount of bass when you play live that bass setting might be to bassy and over powering.
  6. I'm going to say I love my hd500 I also have a gt100 it also sounds good but the hd just sounds alive to me. The gt100 outa the box is more user friendly. There both good but the hd500 just sounds better. I thought about making a video of both but idk lol Outa the box "with minor tweaking" gt100 wins... But if you want a knock out killer tone "with deep editing" the Hd500 hands down.
  7. The way that I have done it is I downloaded Lincoln brewsters patches and go in and see how he set all the eq's, compression, boosts and any global settings and I apply those settings as a base line when I make a new patch and since I play a strat most of the time it seems to work. I mean I do have to tweak it but thats the easiest way iv found. It seems to me that the eq settings and the levels of your pedals has a lot to do with wither you get the tone your looking for.
  8. That guy has some good advice, I just printed out all 21 pages lol
  9. What about a tech 21 ? Those are cool little amps that don't color your pod's tone
  10. Idk if yall have coverd this or not but my new musicains friend mag has no line 6hd anything in it so I called them and they said they were selling all the hd500 they had left in stock so I asked, well are they coming out with a new model and the guy said they weren't at liberty to say lol So I would guess they are coming out with a new one, just not sure when
  11. I was wondering if the hd500 patches would work with the hd 400 or 300? I had the hd500 when they were first released then sold it because I bad problems with my guitars clipping the signal anyway I love line6 And I heard that the new updates fixed all those problems. Maybe I should just get a 500 again lol
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