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  1. I'm new to the Helix side of things - are all threads an emotional roller coaster like this one? So many twists and turns, not sure I can take it.
  2. The master volume and blend are one knob. You click it to switch modes... the LEDs are white when in Blend mode and red in volume mode.
  3. Are you playing songs from icloud or are they downloaded to your phone. I've found that the app only plays music from songs actually on your phone.
  4. Yeah, choosing a tone without playing music is currently not a great experience. It'd be nice to have a separate area outside of the music playing to search for tones. Overall though the app has worked great for me. I'm impressed with how stable and polished v1.0 of this app is.
  5. "the app would lose connection with the amp" - is the only thing making you say that the fact that mod effects aren't actually being added? If so, I may be stating the completely obvious but I wonder if the only issue is that you aren't powering on the mod effects? There's a little power icon to the right in the same title bar that the effects name shows up in. In most patches I've used so far the mod effect is off initially so you need to turn it on.
  6. Yeah, the selection seems pretty slim right now so my guess is the FAQ is right and the Andertons preview was not.
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