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  1. Thank you so much L6 for the new 2.0 software. Made all the difference in the world on my 240 head. It was good before, but now it rips hard! Unbelievable power and sound with a proper 4x12. You can hear this rig half a mile away! Bravo gentlemen!!!
  2. Thank you Thorne. You are correct. Woot!
  3. Yes! The display flash. Mine does it too. When its turned off. I've only ever seen it in my peripheral vision, never when I was looking directly at the amp. Often thought I was seeing things or it was a reflection of something. Perhaps it is caused by capacitors draining slowly. Don't see this as a problem, more of a curiosity.
  4. Love my SV240HC. Especially into a 412 cab! Back in the podxt days, I could save the whole user database in a single file. I can’t find this option in any of the remote apps. Am I overlooking it somehow? S7
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