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  1. I dont need the giant hand attached to it. and it's probably molded plastic so there would be no way to remove the hand. besides what if i preferred "hand of color" ?
  2. I mean, why not. $500.00-$600.00 range. Just a box that sits on your desktop, nice-n-tidy.
  3. wcmexbm

    Helix LT...Real ??

    No, its real- in stock at sweetwater.
  4. wcmexbm

    Helix LT...Real ??

  5. Hi, just run a standard 1/4 cable from the jack labeled "exp" on the pedal to exp 2 or 3 on the helix. These pedals are built like tanks,but also fairly large.
  6. For the record, I purchased one of these and it is killer. Works perfectly, no special cable needed. I'm getting another.
  7. Can Helix load .wav files to be used as I.R.? The reason I ask is because with many (most) convolution programs/ reverbs .wave files can be loaded and used to filter audio. Can the Helix be used in such a way? Or conversely, is there an app that can modify wav files to be used in Helix's Convolution loader?
  8. Curious, would this work well? http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FC600 For the money it seems like a great value.
  9. Which pedals are known to work w/ Helix's two expression inputs? Please name all Known brand s please.
  10. Yep, you got it right. That's what send and return are meant for. With od/distortion pedals, just make sure you put the send/return blocks before the amp block.
  11. Just want to confirm the original posters claim that for some:Updating from 1.06.5 directly to2.10 does indeed load the rack version of helix into the floor unit. I had this exact problem, and seems to originate from the L6 Updater, not user error.
  12. v2.10 Loses Usb connectivity at random intervals and once it does it will no longer see it. I have to plug it into a new usb port for it to recognize the Helix (and only maybe, even then). At which point it drops the connection again. Which means I cant use the Helix editor. I waited to purchase Helix until there was a P.C. editor for it, no way am I going to bend over to edit this thing. I don't like food spilling out of my stomach into my mouth (and thats not a joke).
  13. OK, I finally got my Helix update worked out. I started out w/ firmware v1.06.5. Using updater v1.84 I incrementally updated from v2.0 thru the current 2.10 firmware. Attempting to update from 1.06 directly to 2.10 was a massive fail and for some reason the updater was downloading the Helix Rack firmware into my Floor unit. Anyway incremental update seems to be the ticket. Just make sure that with each update you perform the button 8&9 reset before continuing on to the next. By the way; Shame on You Line 6 for releasing firmware updates w/ in-built work-arounds. The restarting-while-holding-buttons-X AND Z- or-your-unit -will-not- function-properly really, Really stinks. Your updater should take care of all such non-sense.
  14. This behavior issue is being reported by multiple users as well. See: http://line6.com/support/topic/24074-helix-updating-210-failure/
  15. Yep, this is Exactly what is happening to me...Looks to me as if the update is for Helix Rack even if you're updating a floor unit.
  16. Never. Even. Got. To. Plug. In. And. Play. SUX..............................................
  17. hi, no, It's as I stated: on the hardware- black background, Line 6 logo, below that, "Helix" but superimposed on top of that it says "Helix Rack" I've a floor unit btw. and it goes no further than that, and l6 updater no longer recognizes the unit. So, How to reset? If this fails I'm sending it back as a faulty unit for an exchange.
  18. My Helix is now apparently bricked. I did as you stated and downloaded the "Helix" software package which installed the drivers etc... Then I ran the L6 updater which did recognize the Helix HW. So I let the installer do the update which said was sucsessful but now my Helix lcd screnn flashed the L6 logo and says "helix rack" superimposed over the the word"Helix" and fails to go beyond this point. Reset perhaps and start over? Thanks for your help today, BTW.
  19. Hi, Yes, drivers are installed (1.84)?, Win 10 wont assign drivers to any port and therefore apps (updater, helix control) wont recognize the device. Very weird, the installer for the L6 drivers has changed, usually it tells you to unplug or not-plug in the hardware then, after the drivers have been placed on the system, the installer will prompt you to then plug in and turn on your device. All I got was the first prompt, but then it just stated that the driver was installed. I've restarted windows but still no luck.
  20. Just received my Helix, New arrived w/ v.1.06.5. Trying to update to v.2.10 but L6 updater 1.10 doesn't see Helix. Am I missing something?
  21. Yeah, but what your linking to is a mega-bank "line-of-credit" type deal, not do-able for everyone. the twelve payment deal is great..a one time fee & you use your debit card or card of choice.
  22. At American Musical Supply..Just a heads up. http://www.americanmusical.com/ItemSearch--search-Helix--srcin-1 Now officially considering this.
  23. Thanks Nick, I should have stated; Does the Amplifi output through the phono jacks and the 1/4" jacks simultaneously.
  24. Nix That....................Now I want the Firehawk 1500..................................
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