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    Pod Hdx Desktop

    Is this in the works? If so when can we expect it's release?
  2. Hi, This is something I've been wondering, Does anyone know if I could use One FBVmkII to alternately controll a Pod HD Bean & a Pod X3 Bean? Perhaps not even using them simultaniously, but rather one at a time somehow networked so that I can controll either Pod without having to buy a second FBV? Any thoughts/ ideas? Thanks.............
  3. Discovered the fix for this if anybody (Line 6) is interested. Tweaking the reverb knob on the HD300 Hardware itself fixes the problem. For some reason though there a (at least) a couple of patches where the HD300 Editor does not "connect" with the reverb algorithm and cannot be used to interact w/ the reverb settings in any way....this needs to be addressed and updated. Consider this a bug report.........
  4. Hi, O.K, here's the tone. which is more or less a stock tone with all effects except the delay and reverb off. notice that the reverb is "OCTO" and the mix is set to Full wet. This is not the only patch I've come across in which the Reverb does not work and will not respond no matter how it's tweaked. Thanks........ EDIT, Sorry I tried to attach a L6 HD300 Edit patch but it tells me that I'm not allowed to upload this type of patch.
  5. Hi, I've come across a couple of situations where the reverb dosn't work on particular patches w/ the HD300. By this I mean that the reverb is selected and is switched "on" and in fact is set to 100% wet but there is absolutely NO reverb being output. Has anyone else come across this/ Is this a known bug? Given the limited selection of effects available on the HD300 I don't see how it could be running out of CPU power. Thanks for any insight.....
  6. Hi, Ok, I'm completely stumped here. Long time computer recordist and I've used just about every type of audio interface out there. So here's my situation, I have a KB37 Toneport (the original) That I purchased years ago. I just brought it back out to give it anther go..It's been completely updated according to Monkey and I'm noticing something wierd, 1. When I have a condenser mic plugged in and the phantom power on- I get no sound being thru-put from the mic input to the headphone out. btw, yes it's plugged in, powered up and good to go. I can hear it when my DAW is open (although with an unacceptable amount of latencey) but shouldnt I be able to at least monitor the mic input? Is this a known problem? If anyone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.
  7. Hi, Coke and Pepsi have thier own website forums...I would go there to discuss thier products.
  8. I hope you don't say things like around you're peers. Actually, it WILL HAPPEN. Perhaps in a form different from what I've described, in fact it is happening even now.
  9. OR as an alternative, How about this: A new gen FBV MkIII- Which provides I/O for stereo effects loop and Variax input which will work with X3 or HD gen OS. via Ethernet.
  10. Well, Problem not solved. Of course I could buy one used... Here is my map for re-intergating Pod X3 Live along side current generation Line 6 Pod offerings. 1. Discontinue HD300- This is a money leak and only functions as a gateway for upgrading to HD 400/500 2. Replace the HD300 with the original X3 Live.- Refit X3 Live into current gen external build quality, Keeping all I/O options as original X3 Live. Price at HD300 price-point. 3. Discontinue HD400- The effects loop problem is VERY BAD. 4. Keep HD500 & HD Pro. 5. I believe that Line 6 had it right with the X3 Live, More right than they may want to admit. Hd modelling is fine, great in fact but as stated above- at this stage, unless you've got it intergrated with the bogner DT amps to give "voice" to the personality of the models it just sounds exactly the same. Case in point; The reason I say the algorythms are flawed- "HUM"--Really?? C'Mon!! This alone PROVES that the algorythm is deeply flawed and in essence most likely the very reason why all the amp models sound the same. the modeling is so deep that in factwhat is mostley being emulated IS NOISE. We Dont Want Hum, thats why We buy Pods. Whatever was going on in the X3 gen. was truley great, stopping and hovering just above Total realistic sounds. It had all of the clarity and depth and Punch without introducing levels of complexity that actually negate the point of using a modeler. My Point here is. The X3 Live was far greater than acknowledged and deserves continued life just as is. The code is there, the machine designs are there. Why Not?
  11. Please put the Pod X3 Live back in production. Just the way it was, No new moddeling tech or current gen processing. I have owened, Pod HD500, Pod HD400, Pod HD Pro & Pod HD Desktop (twice). Every amp model sounds exactley the same. I think your current gen Algorhythmns are flawed. You had it right with X3 Live. I have the X3 Bean but need the effects loop of the X3 Live. I think this would be a nice alternative that you could offer for players I know this won't happen but, There it is....
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