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  1. Hey Line 6, Gimme a 12pay Option at American Musical Supply or zZounds and I'll buy yer punk wah-wah-box.
  2. wcmexbm


    HI, What I meant was; is it part of the code or is impedence matching now exclusive to Pod HD products?
  3. wcmexbm


    is impedence matching active for HD models in the Farhawk? specifically on 1/4 input. Thanks..
  4. AHH Rats...Will the Firehawk FX be able to float?
  5. Can parameteres in the Firehawk app be assigned to realtime midi controllers? For example; I have a Behringer FCB1010 and an Alesis IO Dock. Can say, the tuning function on individual strings be changed in realtime on my JTVAX ?
  6. wcmexbm


    Exactly, This was my point...I mean,regardless of who this was "intended for" what's the harm in providing a smidgeon of useful functionality? Yamaha? purveyors of status quo products, Because everyone is a beginning student.
  7. You can also have the same with Pod X3 by virtue of dual tones..which the Amplifi cannot do atm.
  8. wcmexbm


    Why did you decide to disable amp and effect modelling to the "stereo out" when using the "amp out"? I was hoping these could be used simultaneously, using the amp out to achieve controlled feedback with a low wattage amp while recording this "direct-inject" with modelling through the stereo outs.
  9. Thanks for your reply, That's pretty much what I expected but the Variax being as much an "electronic" guitar as an electric guitar Iwas wondering if "B" stock implied any kind of defect-prone anomaly in the modeling electronics. Also, I found what kind of frets are on the '89...JUMBO.
  10. Hi, I'm considering buying a JTV-89 "B" stock guitar and was wondering what exactly b-stock means? Also, can someone give me a definitive answer on what size frets come equipped on the non-USA JTV-89? Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
  11. Hi, Just checked... no Joy. Users MUST select a reverb, no option for "none". Seems like that could provide something simple like that with a courtesy patch. (hint: aint gonna happen)
  12. With this said, I still have to wonder WHY there would be a "STEREO" fx return if the signal is ultimately going to be summed to mono. I understand the "answer" but I still don't "get" it.
  13. Thank You Phil, You have definitively answered my question. Unfortunately the reverb on the HD400 cannot be turned off, removed or it's position changed in the effects order, the users only option is a mix knob. Thanks Again to Phil for providing me with the answer that L6 tech support would not. Sneaky, Sneaky lollipop...Stinks of Roland.
  14. Hi, Thanks for replying. Yes the H9 is outputting correctly, I plug my guitar directly into the Left( mono) input of the H9 and run the L & R outputs to my mixer and hear the effect. Also, there is only a reverb effects block after the return but it makes no difference whether it's mix is up or set to zero. the L6 reverb is in stereo but the FX return signal (the H9) is summed to mono, Always. As an aside, please see this thread I started about the answer i received from L6 tech support... http://line6.com/support/topic/6134-heres-a-l6-support-sevice-joke-of-an-answer/
  15. I'm posting this for all to see...It's actually pretty funny in a pathetic sort of way. Yesterday I posted a question here on the forum wondering why the "stereo" FX loop send and return were being summed to mono when trying to patch in an Eventide H9 ( but really Any type) stereo effects processor using the dual mono stereo send and return on the Pod HD400. Later, I contacted support services directly about this same question, Here's the answer I received. From: Date: Message: wvolkmann Mar 3, 09:59 AM Hey ,This is because the effects send is designed to hook up to an amps FX loop which are mono. Regards,Will - Line 6 Support First off.. think about it a little bit; Now, WHY in Hell are there FOUR 1/4" jacks on the rear of the HD400 two labeled ( L-FX Send-R) & (L-FX Return-R) ? Ha!, This is a non-answer at it's finest...
  16. Thanks for your reply. The nature of the H9 is that it make even mono signals sent to it output in discreet stereo (i.e. even mono input results in wild, panning discreet stereo effects) so, this being the case Why is the return on the Pod HD400 summing to mono?
  17. Thanks, Not on the HD400, It has dual mono send & return. Separate left & right jacks for both send and return.
  18. not LoopER....Effects Loop. Where you send the Pod hd signal out to EXTERNAL stereo effects then back in to the Pods signal chain. It says it's stereo but it's summed to mono in reality, Why?
  19. I have a HD400 and love the reduced feature set for it's ease of use, However.... The "stereo" effects loop appears to be mono! even when placed "post amp" When using my Eventide H9 which has wild spatial, panning effects it appears to be summed to mono at the "effect return". Why would this be, and how in Hell could line 6 label these connections as "stereo"? If anyone else here who uses an HD400 could confirm this...I don't see how I could be doing anything wrong but am certainly willing to be corrected if there is a solution to this.. Very much appreciated for any effort in helping w/ this... Thanks....
  20. I agree with using the Hiway 100 for clean tones, the Hiwatt was designed to stay clean even at monster volume levels and seems to respond with the correct "stiffness" needed for a solid clean tone. For-whatever-reason the Fender "Blackface" amp they used to model the algorithm is too "brown" sounding, too flappy...
  21. Hey, Here's a weird question for you all, I heard that you can sync two L6 Pods together using the L6 connector. Is this possible?
  22. If you use the UX2 as your main sound card (for web playback, music player etc...) Windows may have re-assigned your preference to another sound card driver. As an example, I use a Mackie Firewire driver for my I/O and also for my windows sound playback. But occasionally, the Mackie drivers will fail to load on system start-up at which point windows automatically re-assigns to my Pod HD300 drivers as default. Go to control panel- hardware and sounds- manage audio devices and make sure that the Line6 UX2 is ticked as your preference.
  23. Also, two new, unsharpened pencils w/ the "lead" end inserted into the two upper-most hole on the Pod works great as well, Plus the erasers help to keep it from sliding back on the desktop.
  24. but be aware that you still need batteries for the 500hdx it uses 67 "AAA" batteries and will last you almost an hour. Yes this was a bit of silliness.....ignore please...
  25. wcmexbm

    Pod Hd300 Problem

    Sounds to me like you're describing digigtal clipping, which whould mean that the best place to start is to lower the channel volume or the master volume on the Pod and see if that dosent make it stop.
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