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  1. Second update- played a show using the 'Hawk ( v 1.01) with an outboard expression pedal (EX-1). Had three episodes of sudden loss of output in three hours- one at sound check, two during show. I was very heavy on the good ol' "tap-dance"- frequently changing effects, patches (sometimes three per song), lots of volume swells and parameter control using both pedal controls. I must say that the latency/ delay in patch changes was decent. Never had the A/D lights of death. The only display quirk is isolated loss of the master volume LED's or loss of all LED's. All patches involved were downloaded or built from scratch. Fortunately, I never lost output in the middle of a solo. In every instance, I quickly re-booted , then navigated back to the user banks and got back to business . I learned that the master volume ( big knob, red lights) reset to a lower level each reboot ( which is better than screaming loud!). Despite these sudden failures, I'm getting good sound and good control. I concede I wouldn't want to lose output in the middle of a solo or in a three-piece band. I'm a die-hard Line 6 user and will probably continue to use the 'Hawk. Judging from the feedback (har har) , it seems that there is more than one specific corruption (error, bug, code issue) . Line 6 , what say ye? Cheers
  2. Happened again. Looks like the expression pedal assignment becomes corrupted and reassigns volume to the outboard expression pedal (an EX-1 in this case) . This seems to mute all patch volumes until actuated. I had an episode of unwanted reassignment of expression pedal control before, during a show. The band is still not cool with this. Possibly there's an issue with the EX-1? Anyone else have similar issues?
  3. Addendum- I suddenly lost signal again last night. I was connected to a Samsung tablet. There were no warnings. No other abnormalities- just no sound. Was able to navigate to other presets no problem except for I could not get sound from any preset. Reboot remedied the situation. Worked fine after. I plan on using the Firehawk in two shows this week.
  4. I have been using the FH live with great sound. Been going straight out to the board, OR through a small FRFR amp. I must report a serious issue. I have experienced several instances of sudden loss of all output in live settings (small venues of 30-40 seats to larger of 370 seats). Dead in the water. Zip. Nada. Not cool when the band gives me the "look". It's happened during soundchecks, rehearsals , and in the middle of a show. Typically, I will change a preset or tweak a parameter ( all times I am linked via bluetooth to a tablet)- I can't recall exactly what . I have desperately tried switching the output to the board by trying the right 1/4" out, going XLR out ( DI mode), and changed cables. The only fix is a re-boot. One instance , the mode button was accidentally depressed . I have also had the pedal change assignment or stop functioning -always using a 2nd expression pedal EX-1. Please comment if you have had similar experiences. Line 6, please advise. I will continue to use the Firehawk in all live shows from acoustic trios up to 10 man worship bands. It is awesome!
  5. Line 6, why not develop the same wireless GUI for POD family products ?? What an awesome move! - playing live, making tweaks on the fly with the sexy, remote AMPLIFi-style GUI . Would this development be an ROI issue ? Looking forward to some feedback. (oops - just went over to the Amplifi Fx 100 thread . Looks like this could fit there)
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