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  1. hi residual-self, You could try running system file checker to check for any corruptions before you try the change to the power settings. I did this a couple of days before changing my settings as described above and it found some errors, but the sound problem still existed, so I can't really say the system file errors where related to my problem. Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about....I've never had an issue using it, but it might be a good idea to back up your computer first. from Search type "cmd.exe" in apps right click on the cmd.exe icon, click on "run as administrator" located at the bottom of the screen. type "sfc /verifyonly" if you just want to see if there are any errors without making any changes (you can skip this step if you want) type "sfc /scannow" command to repair the damaged files. After that I would restart your PC and then try my change to the power settings again, and if that doesn't help go through the usb troubleshooting guide from step 1 again. Also if the sound always stops while using the internet, it could possibly be a problem with the flash plugin with your browser...i found quite a few other forums where users where describing this problem while watching youtube clips. If this is the problem I think your sound would die only while or shortly after browsing the internet. I couldn't see it applying in my situation as my sound died at anytime.
  2. I don't normally post to forums, but after experiencing issues with my UX2 with Windows 8 I found in the archived forums many other people were having the same problem (as recently as last month) with similar hardware. I was experiencing random audio dropouts on my PC. The audio would stop completely throughout all applications. The only way I could find to get it back was to restart my PC. I know it is not a hardware issue as I have a dual boot PC which runs both Windows 7 and windows 8. The UX2 always has always performed perfectly on Windows 7. Here is the solution which appears to have fixed the issue on my PC. I was experiencing the problem multiple times daily since installing windows 8, but haven't had it reoccur since I found this setting about a week ago. I've been pulling my hair out for months and was right on the edge of uninstalling Windows 8, but now it seems to be working great. I'm hoping this post can help others enjoy their line6 devices again. The solution: 1. open power options. 2. click "change plan settings" for the plan you are currently using 3. Click "change advanced power settings" 4. Under USB settings -->USB selective suspend setting --> setting, change to disabled (I have noticed the setting has changed itself back, but the problem hasn't reoccurred so maybe there's a bug in windows 8 in the power options. Maybe if yours is disabled by default, you could try enabling it) Sorry to make this post so long, but since the forums have been archived I couldn't reply directly in the thread where the problem was first mentioned. I hope this is a permanent solution and helps everyone. If it does maybe someone could shout me a copy of Podfarm2.5 Platinum...just kidding :P
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